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So many weapons to craft and only a few ingredients on hand. Choose wisely!


1) Drag elements to the Crafting Board, tap to combine.

1) Drag elements to the compendium button (lower left corner of the Crafting Board) to see more info. Swipe to close.

2) Drag weapon to Equip Menu to select.

3) Tap to fight!


★ Not sure what to do at the start?

Hit the cog and press the Help button to get more info about the crafting area.

★ Can't fire fast enough?

Try holding down for rapid fire


👾 Dpodz - Programmer, Game Designer, Sound Design, UI/UX

🖍️ Kotocca (Twitter)- Artist, Character Designer, UI/UX


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I think paper airplane should craftable with all of the basic elements; PA + Fire = PA that trails fire, PA + Wind = PA with a faster use time and higher damage, and so on. It would make PA move fun and chaotic.

If you scroll down a bit you'll find that some of the devs' replies are hinting about it already being on their list. 

👀 <- look for the ones with this emoji

add a rifle please

(1 edit)

No, add more - gunpowder, you will throw it and then after a couple of seconds it will explode with fire, then gun- attack basically like a spear but bigger range,bullet model and faster firerate which you can make with gunpowder and iron, then glass + wood will give you spyglass- attack similar with fire element but slightly stronger and bigger, then when you combine pistol and spyglass you will get rifle which will shoot a fast,small bullet which will deal good damage and has a good range, also with gunpowder you can make explosives - combine gunpowder and bottle with fire, you can throw it and it will explode and erupt 3 waves of fire around it. Aslo maybe a galaxy sword which will look like lightsaber you can make it by combining plasma and sword.

Also sorry if i have some mistakes im russian and still learning english

Hey! Actually we'll probably avoid adding anything with guns to avoid raising the ratings :P

The plasma sword is a good idea though! Noted.

Im sorry if im posting too much, but could i have some help on crafting a sword

Yeah no worries! To get to a sword, you need to first find a forge which is crucible + coal. Crucible is clay + stone. Then sword is forge + steel. Good luck!

What are coal and steel?

It is *Charcoal, which is made by burning woods. Steel is mentioned a few times already in the comments below. 

How do you craft clay?

hey, it wont let me buy items even though i have enough stars

Man, seems like you're finding bugs in all my games :( which browser are you playing on? I haven't heard of these issues til now.

im playing in chrome

It works now, thx man

I have a feeling something is up with itch. Every once in a while someone seems to have a bug for a day or so before it goes away. Hard to know though, my code could be shoddy.

How do you make the tempered sword? I love to use it and wish to craft it.

Heyo, you can make a tempered sword by quenching a fire sword in water! 

By the way, are you still having save issues?

Can you make it so that if you reboot the game it doesn't reset your progress?

oh no! Is that happening to you? That definitely should not be happening.

Sometimes it won't reset it, but I don't know why.

Two questions, 1, how many levels are there, and two, how do you get unlock/ donat codes.

(1 edit) (+1)

Hey, just happened to check itch right when you posted haha.

1) There are 7 levels currently, including tutorial

2) You can get unlock codes by donating through the "Tip jar" in the top right corner of the main menu.

Oh, and you can also get an unlock code by signing up for our newsletter.


Yay, I beat the game for the first time!

Somehow the second-to-last level is harder than the last to me, however.



the reward for  completing the Compendium is hilarious, absolutely incredible, amazing job Pure Jam Games

(1 edit)

I only noticed that after reading your comment. I thought all this time that the reward for completing it was just Kraft claiming to be a better artificer than Toko.

Though it is hilarious for sure, wouldn't it impact the ratings? 

But animals are always nude anyways... lol. I'd remove it if an app store called us out on it, but I think it's tame enough to be okay.


I got a really bad and weird glitch. I used the Hint system to discover the Vine recipe. I now have the item unlocked in the item list... But it doesn't show any recipes, and Hints won't give me a hint for the Vine recipe. All there is is Grape Juice (needs vines) and tea, which I can make. What is the recipe for Vines? I can't figure it out.

Yeah sorry about that, the current hint system breaks down once all items are "discovered" (but not all recipes are). Vines are stick + plant or wire + plant. 



Oh, and just so you know, wire + plant doesn't work.

(1 edit)

I haven't played the game in a while, and the new update seems to have a lot of good and bad. (sorry in advance for writing a comment longer than a TedTalk)


Whenever I use that item list, the audio goes totally wack.

If I click off the game, and scroll down here, the audio keeps repeating itself, like how Team Fortress 2 used to crash for me. Also clicking off the game just stops the audio when it didn't use to, and I personally like the soundtrack of the game.

The level titles feel a bit intrusive. Maybe instead of covering the entire screen for a while then disappearing, it could appear on the bottom left for a while and then go away.

I don't like the shopping cart animation for getting items, and also it sorta snaps out of existence once it's done. Plus if you get a lot of items it takes ages to finish. Maybe it could fade out too.

I HEAVILY disagree with the ability to get buffs in the store by using stars.

Wasn't there a game over music? Now it's just silent.

The funk with throwing items like Clay Pot is still present. Also the Bow's aim is off, the center projectile it fires is not


I really love the new title screen music. Such a jam.

New sound effects for picking materials up feels very right. 

Map preview is VERY VERY GOOD. I love it!

Hints are nice, they feel like they could help.

I REALLY REALLY LIKE the cosmetics. 

New sound effects too, like throwing Thunderspear, or using Motor. That's really cool!

And apparently, if you throw Thunderspear into an obstacle and it bounces to move another way, the projectiles it splits into still travel in the same direction. Funky, but in a very good way.

Is it just me, or is there some sort of change to the art? I'm not sure, but if it is there I like it.

Test Zone is a great addition.

How the bad could be improved / Suggestions

Not sure how the item list could be fixed.

Again, don't know.

As I said, the level titles could be smaller and on the bottom left, appearing for a while then disappearing.

Shopping cart animation could either have all the items collected sorta splash out at once, 

The star system, instead of being used for only cosmetics, hints, and items, could instead maybe be used towards just cosmetics and hints, with more cosmetics available, perhaps. That, or the stars could be used to purchase 1 of an extra material you need out of Electricity, Fire, Water, Air, Wood, and Stone, at a decent cost. Like, 5-18 stars.

The game over music could be brought back, or maybe just a small game over sound effect.

Just have the Clay Pot and other items like it travel in an arch still, and land at a set distance away from Kraft.

Dirt + Wood = Mulch, maybe? It would throw up a whole bunch of low-damage dirt and sawdust projectiles to keep Kraft from moving in the direction it's thrown, and to block enemies from moving, with a 15-20 second cooldown, maybe?

Shovel + Electricity, Lightning, magnet maybe? = Drill, it would deploy a large column of dirt projectiles for a somewhat short time.

Not sure + Steel = Shield (if its not already there), it would fire 3 large shield projectiles that excel at reflecting enemy projectiles, cannot be moved at all and have a pretty good ability to knock enemies back.

Also, this is not an insult or attack, but just constructive criticism.

P.S. how the heck do you make the Sword? I've gotten a whole bunch of recipes that USE it from Hints, but I've never been able to make it. Also, does Sawdust even have a use?

edit: nevermind, the star system is actually pretty cool but i feel the element buying thing would be awesome

(1 edit)

Oh, and a Used In section for items in the item list would be nice. I remembered something with lava but I didn't remember the other ingredient.

Edit: nevermind. lava + air = obsidian

Hey, thanks for taking the time to write about the game. It's very helpful to get a bunch of feedback.

Lemme respond to your feedback as best I can :) 


Whenever I use that item list, the audio goes totally wack.

If I click off the game, and scroll down here, the audio keeps repeating itself, like how Team Fortress 2 used to crash for me. Also clicking off the game just stops the audio when it didn't use to, and I personally like the soundtrack of the game."

- The audio issues are unfortunately due to my using FMOD. Since browser games run single threaded, audio stutters can happen if too much is going on at once. And yeah, the music not working/stuttering when you leave the web page is another unfortunate side effect of using fmod, so sorry about that. Unfortunately I can't really do anything about it. 

"The level titles feel a bit intrusive. Maybe instead of covering the entire screen for a while then disappearing, it could appear on the bottom left for a while and then go away." 

- Fully agree with you on this one. I'll make a note to change that for the next update. 

" I don't like the shopping cart animation for getting items, and also it sorta snaps out of existence once it's done. Plus if you get a lot of items it takes ages to finish. Maybe it could fade out too." 

- I guess I could make it go faster if you have more items? I think it adds a lot of clarity for newer players, and I don't really want to take it out. 

" I HEAVILY disagree with the ability to get buffs in the store by using stars."

- Why's that? I think it's nice to have some roguelite progression run-after-run. 

"Wasn't there a game over music? Now it's just silent." 

- I don't think there ever was, but I'll add something there. 

"The funk with throwing items like Clay Pot is still present. Also the Bow's aim is off, the center projectile it fires is not" 

- Ehhh yeah they're a little whack but honestly it's a fair bit of work to fix that, and I'm kinda short on time. I'll consider it. As for bow, thanks for the tip, I'll fix that. 


"I really love the new title screen music. Such a jam." 

- Thank you! I'm super happy with how it turned out too. 

"Map preview is VERY VERY GOOD. I love it!" 

- Been meaning to do this one for a while, glad it works for ya. 

"Hints are nice, they feel like they could help." 

- Definitely some work still to make them better, but they're a start. 

"I REALLY REALLY LIKE the cosmetics." 

- Thanks! We'll slowly add more. 

"New sound effects too, like throwing Thunderspear, or using Motor. That's really cool!" 

- Thanks! Sound effects took a lot of work, but they really bring life to the game right? 

"Is it just me, or is there some sort of change to the art? I'm not sure, but if it is there I like it." 

- We cleaned up a lot of stuff, so it's probably subtly better. 

"Test Zone is a great addition." 

- Could  probably also use some adjustments, but yeah I think it helps :) 

Anyways thanks for the feedback! The next update won't be coming for a while tbh (probably like 2 months), but when it does you'll see a lot of these changes in the game :) 

- Dan


"I HEAVILY disagree with the ability to get buffs in the store by using stars."

After playing with it a bit more, I realized that it was actually a pretty good addition, and pretty balanced too. The item that adds 1 of each of the base elements at the start of a run is a massive convenience. Also, Nekonomicon seems to make the Concentrator a bit useless. Maybe there could be an item that significantly decreases cooldown time, but also decreases damage?

Or there could be items that could buff certain classes of weapon,  i.e. Flowers might have less cooldown, for instance.

"I guess I could make it go faster if you have more items? I think it adds a lot of clarity for newer players, and I don't really want to take it out. "

Yeah, that makes sense. It is a bit annoying, but it provides a whole lot of clarity.

huh didn't realise that the bow & clay pot items section of what I wrote was cut off. 

"Definitely some work still to make them better, but they're a start. "

Perhaps there could be more valuable hints for more stars?

I.E. 1 star hint would give you a recipe for Sword (forge + steel) but 2 star hint wound give you a recipe for Sword like this:

(forge + steel)

(forge = Crucible + ?)

(steel = Iron + ?)

Anyway, thanks for responding to my comment! I hope stuff goes well for all of you at Pure Jam Games! : )

(2 edits)

a fun combo for this game is fire lily or etheryllis with a javelin and obsidian spear, the fire lily is flower + fire, the ethyrillys is flower + plasma, the javelin is spear + wind and the obsidian spear is spear + obsidian. have fun with this combo! and try to change it and make it unique in your own way! 

how do you make flower

Planter + Water.

Planter is made with Clay Pot and Dirt.

Clay Pot is made with Clay and Fire, Dirt is made with Wood and Stone.

Clay is made with Sand and Water.

Sand is made with Stone and Water OR Air.

Hi, i have a problem with the recipe for  crucible.

it says gravel + clay. but it gives you whetstone if you do that, also i have made crucible many times but somehow forgot how to please tell me the recipe.


Hey, sorry about that! There are some overlapped recipes, I'm trying to fix them as they come up. You should be able to do crucible with stone + clay though

I just updated kraft & slash and whenever I try to open it it just says something along the lines of "abort"

Huh... Which browser are you using? I'll look into this, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

If nothing else, I haven't received any other issues about playing the game in Chrome. It's possible that older browsers like Internet Explorer, are unsupported by the current Unity version :( I'm planning to make a Windows build for the game which should hopefully circumvent these issues.

I was trying to log in using the desktop app, it worked fine when i used chrome though.

Ah, actually on second look, it seems like there was an issue with Itch's servers yesterday that cause this bug. Sorry about that! If it persists, let me know and I'll contact Itch staff.

(1 edit) (+1)

also what are the recipes for the planter, sword and motor? ive been trying for a while now and i cant figure them out. also the courier kraft is awesome.

I don't know for Sword, but Planter is clay and dirt, for what I remember, and Motor is magnet and electricity, I think? Not sure about Motor.


Ok, i got it now.

Sword is Forge + Steel.
Forge = Crucible + Charcoal, I believe?

Crucible I don't remember the recipe for.

Planter is Clay Pot + Dirt.

Clay Pot = Clay + Air or Fire.

Motor is correct, for what I remember.

Clay + Dirt does it too. It is more efficient. 

i love this game, ive been playing it nonstop since i found it a few days ago, i do however find it a bit annoying that drops can get knocked into places you cant get. will you fix that?

Yep, that fix will be coming in the next update for sure :)

thank you, when can i expect the next update?? (sorry it took so long for me to reply, ive been too busy grinding the game tryna beat it)

Thanks for enjoying the game! I can't really give an ETA on the next update right now in all honesty. We're aiming to have one in a month or so probably, but it could be a bit longer than that depending what our scope is.

Theres 2 main elements you need: A movement element (short cooldown) and an attack element. My personal choices for these are the terrarium and the thunder storm or sand storm. Keep these in mind in your runs, they can be a life saver.

A great attack element is the Thunderspear, and I still haven't found a great movement element yet. Thunderspear is seriously the MVP in most of my runs, though, and it's semi-cheap.

Thanks for the attack element man, and for movement here's my rule: when in doubt, use fire or lightning. Those two elements in my comment are some you can get on the literal first round. Terrarium is short cool down, medium knock back, and strong.  The storms are good because they strong and once your on the second round you can upgrade them to tornadoes if you wait to get more elements. 

(1 edit)

That's an interesting strategy. I love the Terrarium too, but personally I won't touch any of the storms because they either last too short for their long recharge duration, and so giving small damage while leaving you vulnerable, or pull enemies closer to you, which is not something you would like. 

My #1 combo is Clay, Light Bulb, and Water Lily. Alternatively I used to go with Harpoon instead of Light Bulb, but the purple dudes on later maps are a lot harder to defeat with it, so I mostly use the latter now. Fire Lily is a good replacement for Water Lily when I'm focusing on damage because it recharges much faster, hence giving more frequent widespread damage, compensating its lack of protection. 

The downside of this style is, of course, it costs lots of Stone. 


Hi, just checking in to say (you probably have known this) that if you do Kraft & Slash a google search, you will get results other than the official page and the Play Store app page. I don't know whether those sites has your permission or not, if they do, then I'll try playing it there too just to see if there's an unknown bug or anything. If they don't, I can try reporting them. :) 


and again

Deleted 8 days ago

this happened again

can you add a sandbox mode or at least something like an endless mode for when you finish the game to make it easier to experiment?

the recipe for water lily is bugged. it says that the only recipe is water + flower but water lily also results from ice + flower

there is an item that i cant get on a cache of trouble because it gets knocked behind the log somehow

the flower recipe also has a bug. flower can be mad with water + planter but that doesn't show on its page. it just says planter + plant food and 1 undiscovered even when you find that water + planter = flower.

(1 edit)

Heya, actually all these recipes aren't bugged. The recipes use a "trait" system, where every item in the game has traits. For example, Water is water, but it has the trait "plant food" since it can be used to make plants grow. Similarly, ice has the "water" element trait. Since there isn't an ice flower, water lily can be made with flower + ice since it would use the flower and the [water] trait from ice. The same thing happens with Wire + Spear to make thunder spear ([electricity] comes from wire). 

As for the item getting stuck issue, I'm making it so the items will slowly magnetize to you when you're nearby in the next update. Sorry for the trouble with that. 

And lastly, the hint system is definitely a bit lacking. I'll try to make it function better in the next update. 

Sorry for the misunderstandings! 

thank you so much for responding. i just started to have an issue with chrome where it says webGL is not supported on this browser, but the game works fine on chrome canary.

Sorry, I don't think I can help with that chrome issue :( I'll look into making a windows/mac build for the next update, hopefully that'll make the play experience nicer for desktop users. The game is targeted at Android/iOS though, so the play experience is definitely optimized for those platforms :)

there is a bug with the recipe for plant. it says that all recipes have been discovered with plant food + dirt but water + dirt also makes plant

you should make this game can get download

also the recipe for thunder spear is messed up in the book. it says that all recipes are discovered when you find thunder + spear, but wire + spear also makes thunder spear. also sometimes when you find a new item it doesn't register in the book. the space where it should be shows a lock, but when you click it it will show the recipe page for the item. it happened with one of the spears, i think the ice spear.

also on some levels you can get an item stuck behind the hitbox of the level exit when you use weapons with strong knockback and good range like the javelin and ice spear.

does anyone know how i make plant food? it wont come up in hints and its annoying cause it makes it so that i cant make the flower and its derivatives along with grapes. also i feel like after you use a certain number of hints it just loops one hint. i had around 20 items left to find and it gave me the grape hint like 5 times in a row


I absolutely love this game, i’ve been playing it for days! i have every single item except for the sharp sword (i think that’s what it’s called, the one that looks like a knife) and i’m having trouble making the whetstone due to a possible bug. i’ve made it once before with clay and gravel, but i tried again and it made a crucible instead. it’s says there’s 5 more recipes for whetstone, could you possibly tell me one that might work? i can’t get it through the hint system, it only comes up with the recipe for the sharp sword. i’m playing on ios if that helps :)) can’t wait for more updates!!!

Hi, sorry about the trouble! A recipe for whetstone that should work is sand + iron. 


I LOVED THIS GAME! it's a great mobile game I lost count of how many time I speent playing it, please keep updating the game.

Thank you!! That's so nice of you to say :)


Hello, congrats for your game's release, its a blast to play!

I was wondering if you are interested in getting it translated into Spanish, please let me know, I can do it for free.

Hey, thank you for the kind words! 

Actually we've been thinking about localization for a bit now and we're definitely interested. Come on over to our discord or shoot me an email at and we can talk more about it :) 

Hi! I've been playing the latest update, and the idea of having upgrades and stars is cool! It seems I can now buy recipe hints with stars too?

Now that many of the recipes are changed, are the more advanced items like Forge and Fridge still as needed as they were before?

Also, what will happen to Artificer? Will the recipes be different between the two games, or drastic game change be done instead?

Oh and if you don't mind, I'm curious whether there is a *magical item* in the older 0.9.0 pc build. I sometimes come back to play it, and seeing the numbers being stuck at 112/192 is making me thirsty of crafting something new.

(1 edit)

Heyo! Glad you're enjoying the new update stuff :) 

With forge/freezer, we'll probably try to find a better way to keep perma items (since it seems kinda sad to use an entire freezer and only get ice, lol). I don't think it's strictly necessary, but I think perma items are an alright middle ground that doesn't add too much complexity but still makes the crafting seem fair? Truthfully, I have problems with the crafting system as it is right now, and my dream is to eventually build a crafting system that isn't recipe based but is actually generative (think like actual chemistry). 

Ahh, Artificer. The game is probably going to sit in its current state for a while - I think it'd take a lot of work to retrofit the crafting updates into Artificer, and we want to change the story anyways, so it's not really worth it right now. 

And finally, new items - yes! I think I'll probably release little updates from this point forward with batches of items (which already exist from Artificer, but I have to design into weapons), some new levels, new enemies, etc. I actually added just one new item to this update, but that's not very much lol. 

(1 edit)

I came back today and found a new splash... and supposedly a bug.

Whenever I choose Save & Exit from the settings in the crafting screen after finishing the first level, then immediately return by clicking Continue, the drop items I have earned in that level will be gone. 

I have tried reiterating the problem, and while there might be some variables I missed, this seem to affect both dropped elements and crafted items BUT leaving behind player-crafted items created before going to menu via Save & Exit

I don't know yet if it is the same with the next levels because, well, I'm not wasting those precious items after the struggle :")

Oh and you might find something worth getting rid of in the settings in the crafting menu. Clue: it's blue, it has a cross on it, and it has a twin that functions exactly the same.

Ah, thanks for the find. I'll look into it.

Okay, I found the bug and fixed it. As long as you do at least one craft before "saving and exiting", you shouldn't have a problem. I'm away from my main computer atm so I'll put the fix out this weekend.


instead of making you start over it should be you restart the level or its really tedious

What a great idea that way i dont lose all of my stuff and rage quit

yall are amazing and nice suggestion


✋ ♠ ♦✋


Lol nice hisoka reference

thanks im binging and hiskoa the psychopath is cool but a psychopath

(1 edit)

I love basically everything about this game!

-You took a crafting system from 1 game (and genre of game) and used it to create an entirely new game, in a style not seen before (by me atleast)!

-Every item I've witnessed has it's charms and appropriate-enough abilities! Ya got Thunderspear that does damage but can also split into Electricity attacks, ya got Sharp Axe which can deflect enemy shots, and deal pretty good damage, ya got Wave Urn which is super hard to craft but super powerful, and way more!

-There's so many items! I mean, how much creativity can one person/group of people have?!?

-The artstyle is super charming, every single image within the game looks good or better!

I could say even more if I wanted to.

Basically, well done Pure Jam Games! Ya did fantastically to the point where I made an account just to praise you on this game. 

Also Motor's really interesting. A pain to craft, but interesting!

Thanks so much! This is one of the nicest comments we've received :o We're super glad that our attention to detail with art and item creation is appreciated, it takes forever to do haha.

I think you'll be happy when the new update comes out :)

- Dpodz

i cant stop playing this game lol its amazing

Is it just me or something but I can't make steel for odd reason...

You just combine the forge and iron right?

And please in the next update, have a hint system for the player's sanity please ;-;


The last patch we actually removed Cast Iron from the item list, and made the recipe for steel into "Iron + Fire".

What do you mean by hint system? In the coming update there will be a way to find undiscovered items, is that what you mean?

In any case, thanks for playing our game! We hope you'll be happy with the next update.

- Dan

are you working on a big update?

Yep! We have tons of new stuff, we're just polishing up at this point. 

thank god i thought you abandoned it, i really like the game and its very fun to discover new powerfull weapons

i got me first win

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