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So many weapons to craft and only a few ingredients on hand. Choose wisely!


1) Drag elements to the Crafting Board, tap to combine.

1) Drag elements to the compendium button (lower left corner of the Crafting Board) to see more info. Swipe to close.

2) Drag weapon to Equip Menu to select.

3) Tap to fight!


★ Not sure what to do at the start?

Hit the cog and press the Help button to get more info about the crafting area.

★ Can't fire fast enough?

Try holding down the fire button for rapid fire


🕹️ Mark Joaquim - Programmer, Game Designer

👾 Dpodz - Programmer, Game Designer, Sound Design, UI/UX

🖍️ Kotocca (Twitter)- Artist, Character Designer, UI/UX


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Updated 10 hours ago
StatusIn development
AuthorsPure Jam Games, Dpodz, Kotocca
Made withUnity, Adobe Photoshop
Tags2D, Casual, Crafting, Cute, Fantasy, Singleplayer, Top-Down, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Smartphone

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THE GAME UPDATED, YAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I will say very dumb thing, but i need to say

add more fishnet (water fishnet, fire fishnet, thunder fishnet)

this iten is so GOOOOOOOOD


Perhaps we'll have some ways that the player can augment their own items in the future. Who knows? 👀

- Dpodz




Hey 'Pure Game Jam'! i have a question for you, could you make a web-page for your game, containing all the recipes and data from the enemies?

nothing official, just a fan-made page.

restarting the whole game is too harsh of a punishment when you can't even move without weapons and have only health, make the player either more mobile or more tanky.


Thanks for the feedback! I'm not entirely happy with the difficulty level either, but I do think the game isn't far off the difficulty level I'd like. I'm comfortable with the game being decently hard. However, we're planning to add more progression mechanics so you can level up and get stronger between runs, so hopefully that helps remedy the feeling of frustration when you lose.

Additionally, once we get combat stats and level previews into the game, you'll be able to make better decisions about what to take with you into each level.

Hope these changes will do something to address your concerns, even if indirectly. Cheers!

- Dpodz

what im thinking is take the player out of the cart and give him wasd movement, simple as that, it doesn't even have to be that much, just fast enough to dodge a few attacks, and you can keep the boost from using weapons, as combining both those movement methods will make a higher skill cap, allowing strafeing, dodging ranged attacks better, better meneuvering around enemies, and so much more, it will fix so many problems.

We're planning to keep shoot to move for this game. It's an intentional design choice, and we want to find a way to make that work really well. This game is being designed for mobile, and while it's possible to get a WASD-like movement scheme on mobile, we've decided to stick with shoot-to-move and make it the core of our design philosophy

There are a few reasons I think it's a good choice. It creates a need to discover new weapons to find better movement options. It adds an additional balancing dimension around weapons; items that block enemy movement or increase player movement would be redundant with WASD control (in other words, it gives more room to design cool items). And lastly, it's something I want to explore and try to make as good as possible, since very few games use shoot-to-move as their movement mechanic.

I know this doesn't really give you what you want, but I hope you understand why we've made these choices.


- Dpodz

well my idea was to combine the two movement methods, allowing for both shootboosting and strafing, making the character agile instead of clunky, as the more clunky the controls the more permadeath will make you rage, and i think that combining simple wasd movement with shoot to move will make a game with a high skillcap and many ways to maneuver around your enemies.


okay! kept playing, but then i got a glitch? an enemy dropped a fridge, but when i got to the crafting screen, i had the forge unlocked too, all of the base elements were set to zero, if you try to do anything with the base elements or forge/fridge, it doesnt show up on the crafting table and you get the message about "you can't craft with two of the same items" and you can't advance to the next level? which kinda sucks.

i was having fun with crafting different flowers. i was super surprised the first time when the waterlily turned out to have such a huge range.  i got the waterlily, firelily, cactus, goldenrod, and the cherry blossom.

but like, on another note?

i noticed that you can't see enemy projectiles behind trees, which makes it hard to dodge them sometimes. plus, having so many props means that sometimes the projectile bouncing gets a bit crazy? like, you can wedge yourself between the rocks and the bottom of the level in the first level and end up shooting backwards.

i mostly notice since i never use melee weapons. since, aside from the fire sword, they all kinda have a short range? i don't like getting anywhere close to enemies, since 3 hp + enemies that do damage on contact + weapon you have to get up close to use... 

anyways! looking forward to keeping up with this game! 

(2 edits)

Hey there! Thanks for finding this bug, it ended up being the source of a number of small bugs on my to-do list (like items only sometimes staying equipped when you go into the crafting), so it was actually a huge help! I've fixed the bugs and they'll be working in the next update. Unfortunately, you'll have to avoid picking up fridges (and forges?) for the time being :(

I'll try some things to make projectiles appear behind trees, and if it doesn't affect performance I'll keep it in. The current solution where only the player and enemies behind trees make the trees go translucent was a mid-way solution keeping performance in mind, but I never actually tested with projectiles as well.

As for the melee vs projectile discussion, I agree with your sentiment. I think the problem is that melee weapons don't push the player back when they hit an enemy, which means that you'll continue moving towards an enemy even when you hit them (i.e. knockback is only applied to the enemy but not to the player, creating an awkward feeling "collision"). I think if I fix this so that the player is knocked back as well, melee weapons will feel a lot safer to use.

Thanks again for all your feedback. It helps a ton!

- Dpodz

After doing some testing with melee weapons knocking back the player, I think they feel much better and safer to use. Instead of lunging forward and the player hitting into the enemy, it knocks you back a bit so you maintain distance between you and the enemy. Feels pretty good!

If you're interested in beta testing, hop on our discord and let's talk :)

- Dpodz


i really love this game as a concept because it's cute and i like trying to make different combos but like?? it's also kind of frustrating but for mostly avoidable reasons, and by that i mean the movement system.

it's awkward to try and shoot things sometimes because you can lunge but end up too close or shoot a projectile and then end up moving backwards and have to awkwardly shuffle back into position. 

it makes it harder than it has to be to try and dodge attacks, which, when combined with the fact that you only have three hp means you have a lot of avoidable game overs. 

plus, the ambushes that start around level four are really rude on a conceptual level. if you go for the sword, you're surrounded with trees and things that will kill you when you run into them. if you ignore it and go for the exit, there's an ambush of fast-moving monsters. 

it would also be nice to know what exactly each attack will do in battle beforehand, but i saw that there's a combat stats in the compendium, so i'm sure you've got that covered. 

anyways, thanks for this cute game! i love the graphics update and cat puns and i'm looking forward to what it'll end up becoming!

Hi there,

Thanks a bunch for all the feedback! It helps to hear what people like and dislike.

The "shoot to move" mechanic is by far the most contentious issue people have with the game. Some people really like it, and others really really dislike it. For the time being, we're planning to keep this mechanic since our target is mobile devices, and we like this control scheme on mobile. If we decide to move to PC or console, we'll definitely have to reconsider.

On that note, I do like the fact that shoot-to-move has a decision making balance where you're incentivized to select a variety of movement, damage, and utility items. I want to try and play up this decision making process by giving the player more foresight as to what the coming level will be like. On the other hand, the shoot-to-move design does mean that I have to carefully balance the weapons to make sure that none are too powerful or too weak in that regard.

The ambushes - thanks for bringing that to my attention! I'll definitely reconsider where and how often they're used. I'm planning to add a metagame progression to the game (bonus hearts, shielding, damage bonuses, etc), and I'm considering the idea of giving enemies a chance to drop hearts so the player can restore some health in combat. For the time being, I'll definitely do some adjusting to give the player more time to respond to ambushes. That said, I do really like the sword in the stone ambush, and I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on that one.

Lastly, thanks for your comment on combat stats! I'm still working on the best implementation, but I hope once I get it in it'll satisfy what you're looking for :)


- Dpodz


oh, the shoot to move would definitely make more sense on a mobile device. i keep playing this game on a computer. 

needing to know how long the cooldowns last for each attack is a huge part of why i'm eagerly awaiting the combat stats for the compendium, since right now i'm just kind of hoping and guessing when i'm experimenting with builds.

the sword in the stone ambush is like, it's kinda obvious that it's a trap, but even if you know it's coming it's hard to deal with? since you're surrounded by trees AND oncoming enemies with not that long to react? i'm seriously glad you're gonna be addressing the ambushes!

as for combat stats, i'm looking to find out cooldown times, attack range, attack power, and how it helps you move. it would be kinda cool if you could see the attack animation, but it's way more important to find out if "you're moved backward after throwing this projectile" means "you summon a bunch of dirt that can deflect projectiles" or "you throw a rock at things"

thanks! it's a relief that you're taking feedback into account!


how do I make a magnet, I've gotten them before from monsters but I don't know how to craft them I need this recipe so I can make motors, this game is really complex but in a good way, I feel like i'm expanding my brain, thank you.


Haha, wrinkle that brain!

The two simplest ways to make a Magnet are Iron + Lightning and Wire + Iron.

We've got a big update coming tomorrow or the day after and these are the recipes we have for the coming version (v0.10.1), but I'm not certain they're in the version you're playing (v0.9.1). Give us a couple days though and we'll have lots of new stuff :)

Thanks so much for your kind comments, we love to hear that people are enjoying our games. Cheers!

- Dpodz

(1 edit) (+1)

this game is my favorite game that i play in my browser, I am a fan of this, I enjoy the fact that anything and everything is a weapon, one of my favorites is the javelin (stick+air) it is good for mobility, hits like a truck, insane range, and doesn't take five years to reload. great job on this game, kinda sad tho when i have to restart the whole game you could add checkpoint levels every now and then. 


*edit* new favorite weapon is lightbulbs, they scare me a little and  i'm the one using them

Hi! Is there a way to make the electric fan thing, or is it only an enemy drop? I don't even know it's name, I saw it once but it was gone before I acquired it because I was too busy fighting other monsters.

Hello! Every item you get from enemies is attainable from crafting as well :)

In the next update of the game, we'll have features to help you find out how to make items discovered from enemy drops. But for now, you can make the electric fan by using a motor and air (and motor you get from magnet + wire)

Thanks for answering :) I'm stuck on 108/192 now, can't figure out the rest 84 items. Could you suggest some.. really complex item for a crafting goal? And about the favorite in the menu, is it actually intended to show Kraft's, not the player's, favorite item?

(1 edit)

The favourite item feature actually isnt working haha, I meant to take it out before this build but i forgot. 

Truthfully, the max item count is lower than the one shown because I didn't finish making all the items in time for this release, so a number of items didn't make it in. The actual number for this build is (i believe) 140. I don't have the exact number cause we've done work since then, but there are some cool features coming in the next version to help out with that. 

A few items that might help you out for now:

There are 5 sword variants, 7 spear variants, 8 types of flowers (cherry blossom, cactus, fire lily, etc), some weird items like a refrigerator, shaved ice, bowl and spoon, bowl and chopsticks, luminous tube, magic wand, bottled axe, bottle of firewater, terrarium... 

Hopefully these suggestions lead you in the right direction! 

- Dpodz

Well, i had got the swords (fire, lightning, ice, tempered, and broad sword), 3 of the spears (fire, lightning, and obsidian spear), 5 of the flowers (water and fire lily, etherillys, goldenrod, cherry blossom).

I found that clay + stick doesn't always make bowl and chopsticks. It makes spear instead in some browsers, disabling me from getting b&c..

(1 edit)

That's strange. We've done a lot of work on the combo charts since the current released update, so it could be the case, but in our current charts stick + stone and stick + iron are the only ways to make a spear.

In any case, stick + clay pot should be a surefire way to get bowl & chopsticks. Hope that works! 

Of the flowers, you're still missing reed, cactus, rose, and orchid. 

What is your other kraft game called

clay is the part im having trouble with, is it just from enimies or what?

Clay is Sand + Water, I believe.

how do you make a crucible?

Clay + Stone works! There are a few different ways as well

(1 edit)

in the screen says my favorite iten is a fire botle, but i never used it

what the anvil button does and why i cant use it


Hi again, 

The anvil is the "forge" item. You can get it by crafting a crucible with coal. It's what we call a permanent item - once you make the forge, you can use it as many times as you want for the rest of your run. It's used with metals to make swords and other items like that. 

This game is more complex the i though


I ´played the game in the erlier days and now i see how awsome it is


Thanks so much for your feedback! It really helps to hear that people enjoy the game :) 


what is the book in crafting for


Hi there,

You can drag and drop items on top of the book to get more information about them. The functionality isn't finished in this version, and we're making a tutorial for the crafting screen in the next update.

- Dpodz

(2 edits) (+2)

i hate that you cant move

But it's fun

edit: how to craft a sword, i have tried mostly everything and cant figure it out

edit 2: this game really needs a recipe book that shows you the recipes that you already have


Yeah, the whole not moving thing is still a design choice that we're on the fence about. I think the game would feel better if you were able to use 3-4 weapons per round, that way you have a variety of movement options, but we might eventually just go with straight up proper arrow key movement.

Sword is pretty tough to get to: You've gotta make a crucible, add charcoal to it to get a forge, use the forge with some iron to make steel, use steel + forge to make a sword.

Unfortunately Kraft&Slash has been on the back-burner for us cause I've been swamped with school and Artificer, and I'm pretty much the only dev. With the bugs and missing features, it'd still take a pretty big amount of work to shape up this game. Once my other dev (Mark) comes back in January from his work term in LA, we might get back to work on this game.

Hope you stick with us, and have a nice day!

- Dpodz

Ok, thanks for the answers game is...well.. not full i guess?i mean maybe my screen is too small(im on comp btw) but i cant go in and play...i cant see the buttons too...all i can do is craft my weapon... pls fix really looking foward to this game!!!!!!!!

If I craft only items and not weapons (that happens often for me) what can I do? To continue I can only delete and download again the game. I would love mabye an undo button? The art style is great, i really wanna see this game fully release! 

(1 edit)

Hey! You can actually use elements as weapons as well. There are definitely tons of quality of life fixes that need to be implemented though, so thanks for your feedback :)

Is there a reason I can't use a weapon like a lightning or fire spear and just a regular spear? Thanks!

Hey again Sara, fire spear should be working! We haven't finished making a lot of the items work yet though, so some items like thunder spear aren't usable for now.

Hey all! We've decided to remove the Kraft & Slash from the GMTK Jam since we felt it didn't fit the creative spirit of the jam or its theme. A good portion of the game design was from our main game, Artificer, and that didn't seem fair to all the entries that were built from the ground up.

We're glad we participated and, to all you GMTK devs, keep making awesome games!


(1 edit) (+1)

Hey man Hey man Hey man v Hey man,

We're working on it! I have some heavy classes this semester and as the primary programmer on two projects, it can feel like things are coming along slowly. I'll talk to my other programmer on this project, Mark, and see what if he's up to continuing to work on this game.

I'm getting back into the swing of working on the two games weekly, and things are coming along nicely! I'll try to at least get a few new weapons out each week for this game, and fix a few bugs. Also some nice music. And some new ways of tracking progress. And maybe some new levels.

Edit: And multiple weapons per level


I feel like it would have been really fun had I actually been able to craft a cool weapon, but it just couldn't keep me interested enough to do so, I ended up crafting 20+ items that weren't weapons, and due to that combat quickly became repetitive and kind of boring. Great potential for the future tho!


This is super polished and there's so much going on! :D The art is adorable too!


Can we get a crafting guide or some hints or something? I made about 20 items that weren't weapons :|

Also how the hell do I use the crucible? Also the fire urn. Uuugh.
I do love the crafting part though. Fighting is a bit buggy, I have 0 waves remaining and -9 enemies remaining (I think I killed them too quickly maybe?)


Hi John! There are definitely a few bugs in this version, we only had about 20 hours to make the game. Also we didn't finish as much content as we wanted to, since my other programmer and I were finishing the core game until about 2 hours before the deadline of the GMTK game jam. Our intention is that every item is a weapon, so we'll be making more types of weapons and more interesting effects in the future :)


Glad to hear it! I really want to kill stuff with shaved ice.

(2 edits) (+1)

why cant I use tomahawks as a weapon? also pls implement a mute function. no offense. also cant move in battle? feel like this could be a great Steam game in the future, if it were fleshed out more. movement in battle, maybe perhaps let us use anything for battle that we create? so like Dirt, itll do very little damage but it could be funny. 

and do you guys perhaps have a twitter/discord, so we can keep in touch with updates? 

(2 edits)

Yeah I can use a log, lightning or a magnet as a weapon but not a storm, lava, fire sword or lightning sword? Also I got a snowcone which is neat but does that serve any purpose? Feels like a waste of time when the goal is to get weapons and you get a clay urn and a snowcone.

Hi lazyskull! Your feedback is all appreciated. This is the very first version of the game, and we only had 20 hours to get this one out the door so there's lots of missing content. Our intention is that everything can be used as a weapon, you'll be able to take 3 or 4 weapons into each fight, and you'll be able to control volume (of course).

You can follow us on twitter, but we don't currently have a discord. 

(1 edit)

You've got any recorded gameplay? I'm not sure if it is running way to slow on my device (Redmi Note 7) or is just like that. Also, I can't seem to get the inventory arrows working.

The rest is nice, but I can't continue and see what I can create due to the inventory problem

I'm sorry to hear that! For the inventory arrows you can try dragging up and down wherever the menu's empty (that may be hard to do on mobile). Alternatively, if you're on PC, you can use the mouse scroll wheel.

We'll be looking into getting recordings and screenshots ASAP to help anyone else with bugs!

Hi! One of the devs here. I noticed that the game ran pretty slow on my phone as well (Samsung note 5). We'll definitely have to do some optimization to get the game running faster, sorry about that! As the for the inventory arrows, I never actually hooked them up so they don't work... But you can scroll the box by placing an item on the crafting board and swiping on that spot (haha). We'll get this all fixed soon! 

This store page is so cuteee! I wanna play the game but I have to wait. >.< 

Thank you!! Cute plants are my jive. We'll also be updating and ironing bugs out when we're not dead from crunch : )