Mobile Action Game

★ Note: If playing in browser, you must play full screened! ★

So many weapons to craft and only one to wield. Choose wisely!


1) Drag elements to the board, tap to combine

2) Drag weapon to Equip Menu to select

3) Tap to fight!


★ Not sure what to do at the start?

Hit the cog and press the Help button to get more info about the crafting area.

★ Can't fire fast enough?

Try holding down the fire button for rapid fire

★ Can't equip a weapon?

Not all items are weapons (yet)! Make sure you're dragging from the inventory and not the combo board.


★ Some objects cannot be equipped (not a bug, just a lack of content at the moment)


🕹️ Mark Joaquim - Programmer, Game Designer

👾 Dpodz - Programmer, Game Designer, Sound Design, UI/UX

🖍️ Kotocca (Twitter)- Artist, Character Designer, UI/UX


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Updated 8 days ago
Published 12 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsAndroid, HTML5
AuthorsPure Jam Games, Dpodz, Kotocca
Made withUnity, Adobe Photoshop
Tags2D, Casual, Crafting, Cute, Fantasy, Singleplayer, Top-Down, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Smartphone


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Development log


Log in with to leave a comment. game is...well.. not full i guess?i mean maybe my screen is too small(im on comp btw) but i cant go in and play...i cant see the buttons too...all i can do is craft my weapon... pls fix really looking foward to this game!!!!!!!!

If I craft only items and not weapons (that happens often for me) what can I do? To continue I can only delete and download again the game. I would love mabye an undo button? The art style is great, i really wanna see this game fully release! 

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Hey! You can actually use elements as weapons as well. There are definitely tons of quality of life fixes that need to be implemented though, so thanks for your feedback :)

Is there a reason I can't use a weapon like a lightning or fire spear and just a regular spear? Thanks!

Hey again Sara, fire spear should be working! We haven't finished making a lot of the items work yet though, so some items like thunder spear aren't usable for now.

Hey all! We've decided to remove the Kraft & Slash from the GMTK Jam since we felt it didn't fit the creative spirit of the jam or its theme. A good portion of the game design was from our main game, Artificer, and that didn't seem fair to all the entries that were built from the ground up.

We're glad we participated and, to all you GMTK devs, keep making awesome games!


I feel like it would have been really fun had I actually been able to craft a cool weapon, but it just couldn't keep me interested enough to do so, I ended up crafting 20+ items that weren't weapons, and due to that combat quickly became repetitive and kind of boring. Great potential for the future tho!

This is super polished and there's so much going on! :D The art is adorable too!


Can we get a crafting guide or some hints or something? I made about 20 items that weren't weapons :|

Also how the hell do I use the crucible? Also the fire urn. Uuugh.
I do love the crafting part though. Fighting is a bit buggy, I have 0 waves remaining and -9 enemies remaining (I think I killed them too quickly maybe?)


Hi John! There are definitely a few bugs in this version, we only had about 20 hours to make the game. Also we didn't finish as much content as we wanted to, since my other programmer and I were finishing the core game until about 2 hours before the deadline of the GMTK game jam. Our intention is that every item is a weapon, so we'll be making more types of weapons and more interesting effects in the future :)


Glad to hear it! I really want to kill stuff with shaved ice.

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why cant I use tomahawks as a weapon? also pls implement a mute function. no offense. also cant move in battle? feel like this could be a great Steam game in the future, if it were fleshed out more. movement in battle, maybe perhaps let us use anything for battle that we create? so like Dirt, itll do very little damage but it could be funny. 

and do you guys perhaps have a twitter/discord, so we can keep in touch with updates? 

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Yeah I can use a log, lightning or a magnet as a weapon but not a storm, lava, fire sword or lightning sword? Also I got a snowcone which is neat but does that serve any purpose? Feels like a waste of time when the goal is to get weapons and you get a clay urn and a snowcone.

Hi lazyskull! Your feedback is all appreciated. This is the very first version of the game, and we only had 20 hours to get this one out the door so there's lots of missing content. Our intention is that everything can be used as a weapon, you'll be able to take 3 or 4 weapons into each fight, and you'll be able to control volume (of course).

You can follow us on twitter, but we don't currently have a discord. 

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You've got any recorded gameplay? I'm not sure if it is running way to slow on my device (Redmi Note 7) or is just like that. Also, I can't seem to get the inventory arrows working.

The rest is nice, but I can't continue and see what I can create due to the inventory problem

I'm sorry to hear that! For the inventory arrows you can try dragging up and down wherever the menu's empty (that may be hard to do on mobile). Alternatively, if you're on PC, you can use the mouse scroll wheel.

We'll be looking into getting recordings and screenshots ASAP to help anyone else with bugs!

Hi! One of the devs here. I noticed that the game ran pretty slow on my phone as well (Samsung note 5). We'll definitely have to do some optimization to get the game running faster, sorry about that! As the for the inventory arrows, I never actually hooked them up so they don't work... But you can scroll the box by placing an item on the crafting board and swiping on that spot (haha). We'll get this all fixed soon! 

This store page is so cuteee! I wanna play the game but I have to wait. >.< 

Thank you!! Cute plants are my jive. We'll also be updating and ironing bugs out when we're not dead from crunch : )