Get Crafting: The Mystical Atelier Competition is on! (Also update 1.1.4 is now live)

Hello everyone!

Let the competition begin! The Mystical Atelier competition is now on-going, up until 11:59 pm EST on May 11th. Post up to 3 of your best creations in Discord to enter! The winner of the competition will get to see their item officially added to Kraft & Slash canon, so bring your A game!

Good luck!

Also, here are the following changes for patch 1.1.4:

  • Fixed bug with the music slider not affecting the Atelier theme
  • Fixed bug with weapon effect sliders affecting multiple weapon effects
  • Fixed bug with weapon sliders affecting multiple
  • Fixed bug causing enemies remaining to drop below 0
  • Fixed the degree sliders in weapon effects showing the wrong values
  • Added a "start rotation" slider for projectiles and melee weapons
  • Added a "flipped" toggle for projectiles and melee weapons


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May 04, 2021

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Hey so i found this game on itch and then moved to mobile is there an apk or something for the beta with the alterior?


Not yet! Still working out the kinks with the Atelier, so we haven't updated mobile yet. 


Alright thanks!

Yay! Did you make it so that custom weapons can be used to craft other custom weapons?

Yep, that should be working now! But for the contest, we're only allowing items that are made from OG items. 

yeah, makes sense, otherwise the winner would have multiple items added to the game