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Mobile Puzzle Game
JamCraft3 First Place Winner

As a newly graduated artificer, our protagonist is assigned to a small village connected to some very big mysteries. Combine elements alongside your (usually) trusty assistant Kraft to meet your zany customers' needs.

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1) Drag elements to the crafting board

2) Tap the board with two elements placed in order to combine them

3) Drag your creations to your customers' portraits in order to present them


👾 Dpodz - Programmer, Composer, Sound Design, Project Manager

🖍ī¸ Kotocca - Artist, Character Designer, UI/UX

💡 Asyouwere - Narrative Designer, Writer

📜 Skvari - Narrative Designer, Writer

🕹ī¸ Bdawnn - Content Designer, Project Manager


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it would be nice if there was a way to sort by type and not alphabeticly

Pretty fun though I notice there are some missing images for some of the things you can craft (Mountain drawing for one) as well as there being no shop despite it saying there would be in November 2019... that was a few years back so? (Maybe patch out the message? Or add it?

Anyway, I whiled away four hours on my first play of this so I'm  not saying it would be time well spent by the devs (or me) but I would certainly be up for more content, maybe more that leads you through how to making more of the complex recipes... as well as how to make electricity! :P I tried for so long but just couldn't get it - it is the access key to so many others I really wanted to crack it! :D

Anyway, hope this gets updated, even a little bit, some time - will be keeping an eye out!



Here you have the answers to all riddles. There's a comment below, but it takes a while to scroll so I'm commenting to move it up:

Starter Pack: 1) ashes, 2) lightbulb, 3) smoke, 4) torch.

Rough Stuff: 1) shovel, 2) bottle, 3) dirt, 4) cactus.

Hot and Cold: 1) bowl and spoon, 2) fishing rod, 3) fire sword, 4) cherry blossom.

Wave Away: 1) flag, 2) forge, 3) vine, 4) message in bottle.

Ingenuity: 1) ice, 2) glass, 3) bottle of firewater, 4) bow.


sad to see this game hasn't been developed anymore. :(
beside that, is someone trying to copy it here?

But I don't have an Android. All I have is my iOS device and my PC.


Hi! im making a speardsheet to try and figure out all the recipes. I was wondering if anyone want to contribute? maybe we can solve the reed mystery!

im doing something like this...

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Hello! Good Idea with the spreadsheet! Some time ago I also wanted to find out the missing recipes that are currently not in this Google doc: (made by )

I actually also started a spreadsheet a while ago, but I didn't have a structured approach, which ended with me abandoning the project.

This was also mainly due to there being no endless mode in Artificer, so I always only had up to 40 Combination Tries by using the "A Beautiful Sight" Riddle. (You sadly can't really use the "Advanced Artificing" Tutorial level with 100 Tries because in that level you don't have access to Electricity...)

Another Reason for me abandoning the spreadsheet was that I didn't really want to try up to 17391 possible Combinations (This number is using the currently getable 187 Objects; but since there are a total of 195 Objects this would increase to a total of 18915 Combinations...) just to find the last 15+ Recipes and to fill in the spreadsheet.

Why 15+? Well, I actually found a few Recipes, that are not currently in the above mentioned Google Document:

  • Water = Mist + Steam
  • Thunder Sword = Lightning + Sword
  • Sickle = Sword + [Flower]
  • Flower = Planter + [Plant Food]
  • Rust = Steam + Iron, Steam + Cast Iron
  • Ashes = Firestorm + Paper
  • Thunder Spear = Storm + Spear
  • Wood = Tree + Tomahawk
  • Electricity = Motor + Lightning, Motor + Thunder Storm, Motor + Steam (This sadly makes it impossible to craft Electricity without using Electricity since you can't craft a Motor without it)

That means the only recipes that are unknown to all of us are the following:

  • 2 Recipes for: Snow
  • 1 Recipe for: Spear, Tree, Ashes, Flower, Plant
  • 1+ Recipes for: Brown Dye, Brown Flag, Potion of Toughness, Refreshing Potion of Toughness, Reed, Earth God Statue, Electric God Statue, Nature God Statue

(1+ because we don't know how many possible recipes there are for these 8 Objects)

My Suggestion for the Reed recipe is to try using Objects that have the [Botany], [Water] and/or [Plant Food] Categories. (Another potential reason for my failed spreadsheet: At the beginning I didn't really understand the potential use for the different Categories)

What are Categories? Well, if you look at an Object in the Compendium you will see different Symbols in the top right. This represents the different Categories.

If you look in this pastebin, you can see what Objects are in which Category:

Also here are a few more suggestions:

  • Since there are so many recipes, maybe you can write a Script that tries out combinations and enters them into the spreadsheet for you.
  • Try making a publicly editable (Google) spreadsheet document if you want other people to fill out some of the combinations. (although this could come with the risk of false information being in the spreadsheet)
  • In the downloads of this game there is a downloadable Apk so it might be possible to either get the source code of this game, or to use cheat engine or a similar program to figure out the last few recipes.
  • I don't know if it is helpful, but here is the Google recipe document for PureJamGames other Crafting game, Kraft & Slash (also on, which shares some recipes with Artificer:

ok but how do we know those items even exist

(1 edit)

Hey, I got something for some extra recipes:
Ash: Wood + Firestorm
Electric Sword: Sword + Lightning
I'll provide you with some more, later on.

I've made this document for the public:

Could you send us what you have and turn on suggesting so we can help

I recommended your game in my video. I had so much fun playing! <3
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How do I make flowers?

(3 edits) (-4)

<spoiler alert>

Planter + Water ...

electricity recipe?

Motor + Steam, I won't spoil the rest

how to make somethig for the kid to climbing ;=;

You need to make a vine which is

Wood + Stone = Dirt

Dirt + Water = Plant

Wood + Air = Stick

Stick + Plant = Vine

Wire also works! Stone + Fire = Iron

Iron + Electricity = Wire


fishing net recipe?

how i make screw


You don't need to make a screw, you need to make a lightbulb

Because "people keep asking how many people it takes to screw me in."

How many Artificer players does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

how do i make smt to climb with for the kiddo


You need to make a vine which is

Wood + Stone = Dirt

Dirt + Water = Plant

Wood + Air = Stick

Stick + Plant = Vine

what are both ways you can make dirt?

how do you make a flower :l

I haven't gotten to the flower but the best i have done is plant which you go wood + stone to make dirt and then dirt + water to make plant but after that it just makes a tree


I got it you get wood + stone = dirt

Dirt + water = plant

stone + air = sand

sand + water = clay

clay + fire = clay pot

clay pot + plant = planter 

planter + water = flower 

hope that helped :)

I don't get why the recipe is quite complexed yet this is needed for the third level.

If we figure out Reed then everything but the missing statues would be good. Because Brown Dye and and misisng potion would probaly use it, and then we know what is next from other item combos.

What element do i need for groundbreaking

You need to make a shovel which is 

Wood + Stone = Dirt

Dirt + Wood = Shovel


how do you make a fishing rod


Wood + Air = Stick (the first part of the fishing rod)

Fire + Stone = Wire (the second part of the fishing rod)

Stick + Wire = Fishing Rod 

Hope this helped! :)

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how do you make motor

1. Magnet (component of the Moter)

1a. Fire + Stone = Iron
1b. Air + electricity = Lightning 
1c. Lightning + Iron = Magnet

Magnet + Electricity = Moter

bro i cant make the fishing rod, i tired ever conbantion, I think my game broke



Stone + fire = iron

Iron + electricity = wire

Wood + air = stick

Stick + wire = fishing rod

what is plug your nose?


Fire + Air :)

On "hard to the touch" how do you get the glass because there is no fire, so I can't make the bottle.

u can make fire: electricity + air = lightning -> lightning + wood = fire

so good! got a bit stuck on the flower, but I got there eventually. only bug that I found was that the first dialogue right after you completed the request repeated multiple times.


Am i not supposed to give the tutorial cat a torch?? it keeps telling me to present it to him but then says its wrong my dumb brain does not understand ;_;


how to finish hard to the touch

(1 edit)

I think I broke it


guys I know how to make mana potion!

combine fire and the lightning bolt=plasma

flower+plasma=etheryllis flower



what do i make to finish -screw me in- ?




Kraft cry breaks my hear ;-;


Um, is this getting update?

doesnt appear to load in browser, just sits on the unity loading screen but the progress bar never goes up

Usually means you need to update your browser or try a different one. Webgl has some pretty weak compatibility.

I'm using the latest chrome, if its not gonna work on that then there is no hope. 

check to see if third-party cookies are allowed for this page, it did the same to me but once i allowed cookies, it worked

Oh please tell me this is the solution 🙏


guys im stuck in the screw me in riddles



close is i could get is 2 star for a wire created by iron and thunder


its a lightbulb, stone + water => sand, sand + fire => glass, glass + Lightning => lightbulb


(1 edit) (+13)

can i have the recipe to make flower plz
it's hard to make


You do have to go through more steps to make it. 
Alright, so, you need clay, which is made from sand and water. You heat it up to make a clay pot. Then, you need a plant, which is made from dirt and water, or a whole number of other combinations. Then, after that, you get plantar, which you then add water to, to get a flower.

How can I make the bottle for rough stuff 2? please help!

I didn't make the game but I can help. So first you combine fire and sand, it'll make glass. Then Glass and fire, combine them, then make's a bottle.

(2 edits) (+7)

I like the art style and the humor of the game! The mechanic reminds me of "little alchemy" but because of the possibility of hints from the customers and the riddles it's less random. Too bad the adventure part was so short. I enjoyed the dialogues a lot and especially Kraft's sneaky face.

The only thing I didn't really like was that there were many recipes to discover that you don't even need.


- the ability to delete something you crafted out of the inventory
- showing the result of what you are about to craft (after discovering a recipe)
- maybe some generell hints you can collect through the game and use whenever you are stuck 

I love the game, graphics and music! So cute!

But I think the links in the About Us page are broken. Any of the blue button letters I click on takes me to a page where it is impossible to go back.  :(

The W button for the artist Kotocca takes me to a page, which works okay (except her illustrations page doesn't seem to scroll down.) But there's no Back button to the About Us page. The T button for Kotocca takes you to a warning page that you're leaving this site (which is fine, you can still open in a new tab) but that page also can't go back to About Us.

The only solution is to hit Previous in the browser which reloads the whole Unity game. It's the same in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome (which breaks the off-site links completely.)

I like to learn more about the programmers, artists and musicians who make games, so I just wanted to let you know.  :)

love this game! cute and fun

Thank you :) glad you like it


HI there, would you like me to translate your game into Esperanto for free? I'm just looking to help the Esperanto community out by getting some more games into the language.


cute game

(1 edit) (+2)

This message is for everyone who has asked a question about how to make something.

Before asking for the solution of any recipe, please check if someone else has already answered that question! There are thousands of people asking for the same thing! :(

(1 edit)

Are they not working on this anymore??

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