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Mobile Puzzle Game
JamCraft3 First Place Winner

As a newly graduated artificer, our protagonist is assigned to a small village connected to some very big mysteries. Combine elements alongside your (usually) trusty assistant Kraft to meet your zany customers' needs.

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1) Drag elements to the crafting board

2) Tap the board with two elements placed in order to combine them

3) Drag your creations to your customers' portraits in order to present them


๐Ÿ‘พ Dpodz - Programmer, Composer, Sound Design, Project Manager

๐Ÿ–๏ธ Kotocca - Artist, Character Designer, UI/UX

๐Ÿ’ก Asyouwere - Narrative Designer, Writer

๐Ÿ“œ Skvari - Narrative Designer, Writer

๐Ÿ•น๏ธ Bdawnn - Content Designer, Project Manager


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I would LOVE this as a mobile game on the playstore it's just perfect for it

how to i complete a beautiful sight


how do you make flowers???

I need to know as well! I'm completely stumped :(

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Nvm I got it! 

Air + Stone or Water + Stone= Sand

Sand + Water = Clay

Wood + Stone = Dirt

Clay + Dirt = Planter

Planter + Water = Flower

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how do i make magic wand??? help pls

Deleted 19 days ago

Did you manage to do it? I still need help

Deleted 19 days ago
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bottle make sand then fire to get glass then put glass and air then get bottle. combine fire and air to make smoke

sand+fire = glass

glass+air = bottle

fire+air = smoke

bottle+smoke = smoke in bottle

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how do you make a vine or wire









I wish there was a tutorial. I've filled out like 80% of the compendium using my own experimentation, scouring this and Kraft & Slashes comment section, and reading the development logs. Because this is such a little game there's no articles or youtube videos to guide us. I would realllly like to complete my compendium but I'm totally stumped on stuff like the cattail. It doesn't need to be very pretty or well written but I would really appreciate something to assist in making everything.

Same :(

i need help with chapter 1 the first one

you need either wire or vine.

i need help with "plug your nose""

it's smoke

thank you


how do i craft a screw i am stuck

if you are thinking that's the answer to the screw you in one then you are incorrect. It is something you screw but not a screw itself.


Wow i really like it

I don't know how to make a sword

Me either, did you figure it out

I found out.

fire+stone = iron

lightning+stone= gravel






Deleted 19 days ago

I love it. My only problem is how precise the click has to be to scroll sideways through the inventory.


cant figure out how to make electricity for a riddle

Cool! As a person who found this from Kraft and Slash, this is cool!

How do i make flower lol


to make flower, you must combine Planter and Water. Now, to make the Planter, you must make Clay. You need to combine these :

Stone + Air = Sand

Sand + Water = Clay

Now, you need to create Dirt, which you will combine Wood and Stone. Then, you can proceed to combine Dirt and Clay to make the Planter.

You can go ahead and combine Planter and Water to get the Flower. 

I hope it helps xD

i cant figure out how to make a net. or wire, which everyone mentions. i feel like ive tried everything at this point



wire: firts Iron (Stone and fire) second put electricity


Deleted 19 days ago

Solid game! Love the art style, characters, and overall mechanics. I would recommend including a skip button or feature when playing the dialogue because of how often players may have to repeat it whenever they restart a certain level. Additionally, a specific restart button would be helpful too. Lastly, displaying the customer's desired product during the game level would definitely be useful as well. 

Im stuck at creating the mana potion help pls

do you still stuck? u need to combine fire + lightning = plsama, plasma + flower = correct flower ( i forgot the name) then correct flower  + brewery= mana potion, hope this helpful.



fire + lighting = plasma planter + water = flower flower + plasma = etheryllis etheryllis + brewery = mana

I'm stuck on the riddle of "Screw me in?"


(SPOILERS!!!)  stone+water= sand   sand+fire= glass    glass+lightning=light bulb hope that helps :D

This was a really fun game to play even in the browser.  I love the artwork and the background music !

does anyone have the 3 star items for See the Future and A Warm Weapon? I'm close with mirror and the fire spear, not sure how to proceed from there. I feel like See the Future is a glass ball, like what they use in fortune telling? 

A warm weapon is the fire sword!

Do you happen to know the three star item for the "more arms" riddle?


thank you! and yes, it's the forge c: 

Thank you! :D


I'm stuck on the "more arms" riddle


I can only make a flower, how do I make a plant to turn it into a vine?


plant + stick. how'd you get the flower? I'm completely stumped



Wood+ stone =dirt. 

Water + stone =sand

Water + sand =clay

Clay + dirt=planter (or clay + fire =clay pot, then dirt + clay pot but that isn't as efficient)

Planter + water=flower

how do I make a plant D:


dirt + water! And thank you!


thank you as well!

I'm stuck on the "hard to the touch" riddle, any hints on what I need to make?


Its a bottle, try making glass and then combining it with wind

theres no fire ;-;

how do we make glass????

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sand and wind. How to make sand, I think water and rock or wind and rock.

(1 edit)

use wind + lighting then use what you get from that with wood and there you go :D

im really stuck on the groundbreaking riddle? any help pls? :')

shovel! dirt + log

how do i help the kid who wants something to clime with

make a plant a fuse it with a stick

good game i love it

is this game ever going to be updated again?

yes there working on more but it takes time to code, adds, and find out how to fix the bugs

Actually Artificer is on hold indefinitely. It's not likely we'll continue the game, sorry about that :(

its fine! kraft n slash has the same mechanics, plus fighting!


awwww thats sad well i hope something happenes so you can do more, well good luck on your future projects I love ur 3 games so far :)


Thanks, really appreciate that! We're definitely planning to do more story-driven games, so the spirit of Artificer isn't dead :P

well, i like how your games connect to each other so I hope you make more like that. love your stuff 

Kraft & Slash is just this game but with fightanance, anyways this game isss cool, just, it's, just less.

great game @Pure Jam Games if you don't keep continuing i will heck you

found out how nvm

how do i make flowers? for the prologue guy



rock + wood = dirt

rock + water or wind = sand

sand + water = clay

clay + dirt = plant pot

plant pot + water = flower

Deleted 201 days ago
Deleted 201 days ago

I am really enjoying the game and looking forward to the next chapter...I have been a bit frustrated with the Groundbreaking riddle...Offering Kraft a hammer didn't work...I see an outline of a shovel on the intro screen but I cant figure out how to make one. Hint please.

add dirt is your hint

Thank you Audrey. I got my shovel.

no problem happy to help

how to make sand



stone+water or stone+wind

Is the full game really not out yet?

it takes a little time for the creators to be sure that the game is perfect and bug free

accept the torch kraft

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