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Mobile Puzzle Game
JamCraft3 First Place Winner

As a newly graduated artificer, our protagonist is assigned to a small village connected to some very big mysteries. Combine elements alongside your (usually) trusty assistant Kraft to meet your zany customers' needs.


1) Drag elements to the crafting board

2) Tap the board with two elements placed in order to combine them

3) Drag your creations to your customers' portraits in order to present them


👾 Dpodz - Programmer, Composer, Sound Design, Project Manager

🖍️ Kotocca - Artist, Character Designer, UI/UX

💡 Asyouwere - Narrative Designer, Writer

📜 Skvari - Narrative Designer, Writer

🕹️ Bdawnn - Content Designer, Project Manager


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this game is so cute! i love it :o. keep it up!

how do i get a mana potion

nvm its plasma and flower and then add brewery

i am starting this and i crafted the torch, but when i present it, he says to craft a torch

Hey, sorry about that. Which level is this on?

on tutorial level 2

I really love the whole art-style and the toned down saturation. Really works like a charm and creates a solid game look just by the colour! I did have some jumpy texts at the browser version. Seemed like auto-scaling or something… Not sure if this should happen?
Its a lovely little game, really like the idea :D reminds me a tiny bit of the “Alchemist” board-game, maybe you have heard about it? I’m currently also working on a game and making a tutorial is difficult! I'm at version 3 right now and still not really happy with it. If you have any idea’s or feedback that would be great!

This tutorial really explains things well and since your learning the game it was just fun to do. But it did feel a bit to long and could have been accomplished with less text to shorten the experience. But I'm not an expert ;) since i also did a version with way to much and one with way to little text :P hard to get it right!

i get an error while trying to launch the game ...
for trying to post a screenfetch of it but it just complains that the text isn't betwen 1 and 20480 characters XD .
its not even text and even if i do add a bit of text it still complains.

(1 edit)

a there we go XD i finally got itch to function correctly.


How do i make flowers


How to make a flower: ~SPOILERS~

-first combine sand and water to get clay

-use clay and fire to get a pot

-combine dirt and clay pot

you now have a planter so just water it and you get a flower. Use different elements to make different flowers

how do i get dirt?

Dirt- Stone+Log


oopily woopily


I am realy stuck on something i can climb with i don't know what to make and how to make it



first, you have to make a plant then you combine wind and wood to make a stick, plant + stick = vine


I'm having problems with ending the level. Whenever i give the final product to the receiver they take it tell me what they think and then just nothing happens


Which level is this happening on?

All of them. It doesn't work on the tutorial nor the first level

I've tried looking into this and I can't seem to find an issue. Could you press F12 after this bug happens and post what it says in the "Console" section into a pastebin?

It just pulls up my windows thing in the bottom left corner, no console or anything i can copy comes up. Any other way to find that "console" or whatever it is?

Yep, so once you press f12 and it brings up that window, there should be some tabs on the top bar of that window - "Elements", "Sources", something like that. One of them should say Console. Can you try to replicate the error, then open up the console window and paste what's in it?

I have the same thing

Heyo, just fixed the issue. Sorry about that! 

alright, I should've fixed the bug now. Lemme know if the issue persists :)

Is there supposed to be more story levels or not, because I beat them in ten minutes

No, unfortunately we've put Artificer on hold indefinitely. We may come back to it some day, but not for a while I don't think.

I'm stuck on the "something to climb with" level. All she says is "do you think I can climb with that" an I can't find a way to make a rope, or ladder. 

make wire

thats all, im not gonna tell you how

thank you, I might have an idea. 

I know it says the customer is supposed to give you clues if you give them something. But the only thing she says is "do you really think I can climb with that?" Is it limited on what items she can respond to? I feel like it needs a bit more of a hint system. Otherwise I'm really enjoying it.

so like a lot of people i'm stuck on the dang flower and the only plants i can seem to make are vines, grapes and trees, i also understand from the comments i've read that i need clay only problem is that i don't know how to make that either

so i figured it out and have to say i'm not happy, i get that this is supposed to be some type of alchemy game but there is very little logic to this game and the fact that it is possible for people to easily get stuck in the prologue is a problem in itself

Hey, sorry you had a bad time with the game. Yeah, I'm not overly happy with a number of things in our current crafting system either, and the flower is one of the worst offenders (having to get to it through planter instead of through plant). We tried to solve the problem a bit in Kraft and Slash by making the planter and flower more accessible, but we haven't brought the changes back to Artificer yet. 

Sorry to disappoint you. Cheers, and have a nice weekend. 

- Dpodz


can you make a version that fits on a computer screen?

Yeahhhh, the real problem is designing for portrait mobile vs landscape computer, there are tons of differences in UI/UX considerations. If we were to revisit Artificer in the future and try to aim for the computer market, we'd probably do a full redesign. As it stands though, we're not planning to make a landscape computer version. 

i can't figiure out how to give the cat a fishing rod lol please help


Hey there! Wonderful game, my wife and I love it and are going nuts to get every possible combo. 

We are only missing one puzzle right now and it's the "More Arms" one. It's driving us crazy. 

Keep up the great work ❤️

Thank you <3 Really happy to hear you've been enjoying the game.

Hope you can solve More Arms! It's probably my favourite riddle :)

- Dpodz


Yay! Solved! 

Now a place to just try to get all remaining recipes would be great. We've been using the last tutorial but there's no electricity there :c

Haha great! Well I overhauled the "compendium" system in our other game Kraft & Slash, and I want to bring that update to Artificer eventually - that'll make discovering all the items more satisfying. I'll probably do a maintenance patch for the game sometime this month.

Thanks again for playing :)

- Dpodz


Hi! This game is fun and so cute!

I love the gameplay, very Doodle God-esque but way more interesting and interactive. I like the little story going on and I like how you've added the riddles as small challenges on the side. Overall, the game is super addicting to play/finish, I hope you can make this into a full fledge game!

PS, In the Wave Away book within the riddles section, for 'Toss Me Into the Sea' I couldn't make a fishing rod, (which I think is the answer? maybe?) since energy wasn't an option and it seems impossible to complete due to this. Is it just missing? Or is there a way to create energy in similar ways like the other elements?

Love the game and keep it up!! <3

Hey there! Actually, the solution to "Toss Me Into the Sea" is about tossing a typical messaging vessel into the sea (perhaps homage to a famous song by The Police?). I just made sure and it's definitely solvable :)

Really glad you enjoyed the game! We're actually just on the cusp of releasing the first full version of our other game, Kraft & Slash! It's not quite as comfy as Artificer since it's a faster paced action game, but it uses the same crafting mechanic and we put just as much care into everything.

Thanks again for the words of encouragement! Hearing that people enjoy our games really helps us keep going, and we hope to return to Artificer at some point.


- Dpodz

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello! I really love the art and music
One thing i'd have liked is the ability to restart a level without having to exit, and re-read all the dialouge everytime.

Tutorial was very clear :)

But i got stuck on level 1 because i couldnt find sand, and restarting was a bit painful xD Sometimes i had to to save and exit because it wouldn't automatically exit me at 0 - even though i was at 0 patience, and I'd presented.

Lovely game <3

This game is incredibly good. But it would be a lot more intuitive, I belive, if it was a mobile game. There's just something not great about the way the compendium and the bar next to it with the results of the mixtures, that just didnt work.

The game is delightful though. I absolutely love it.

Hi! Thanks for your kind words! The game is actually targetted at mobile, but it's good for visibility to have a webgl version so people can play in browser, and about 95% of plays are from browser (since we're not on google play yet). 

Glad you're enjoying the game so far :) 

- dpodz

plz release on google play

Hi Mander,

We weren't planning to release Artificer until it was much closer to completion, but if people want it to be on google play we can definitely look into it. Thanks for your support!


no problem i just enjoy your games


i love this game


Thank you! It means a lot to hear people appreciate what we've done :)

A restart level button when I've used up all combos would be nice. The tutorial says that hints might be given in-game, but I haven't seen any beyond the star system.


Hey Joshua,

Yeah, restart level is on the to-do list. I want to work in a new hint system as we continue to develop the game, but actually this game is on hold for the time being as I finish up my degree, and until after we finish Kraft & Slash.

Thanks for the input, we'll keep trying to make this game more fun :)

- Dpodz


This game is amazing! I can't figure out how to make the flower, though :/

(1 edit) (+1)

Flower is pretty tough! The trick is that you've gotta grow a flower from a planter. Now how to make a planter 🤔?

- Dpodz

one word saving

Does saving not work in browser for you?

nope im on google chrome


Fascinating game! I really like the concept and art style. Thanks for keeping updating the game :)

Thank you :) we're working hard to get this thing finished. It's hard while in school!

I have been stuck on plunge into the see for SO LONG i need help pleas other than that great game its just super fun.

(1 edit) (+1)

Oh shoot, I think that one might actually be impossible... I forgot to re-add electricity to the starting elements in the last update so you can make wire. We have an update coming in a couple days, so I'll fix it up and it'll be good then. Sorry about that! 

- dpodz

someone PLEASE tell me what to do in chef don part 2, i cant figure it out!!

(1 edit)

Yeah, that one's really difficult. Here's the answer for anyone who's stuck!


water + stone = sand

sand + water = clay

fire + stone = iron

iron + wood = axe

axe + wood = stick

stick + iron = hammer

hammer + stone = gravel

gravel + clay = crucible

wood + fire = charcoal

charcoal + crucible = forge

forge + iron = steel

steel + forge = sword 

^and that's the final product


We're planning on changing the puzzle in coming story updates!


Is this still supported? Fun concept but badly needs a way to remember your recipes. Can't for the life of me remember how to make a cauldron and I know I've done it many times before.

Totally stuck on the last story mission where the chef wants "some kind of talisman." 

Hi Iamiadomina,

We're still supporting this game! We took a one month hiatus to focus on some life stuff, but we're back to working on the game. We've also brought on an additional writer, so we should have lots of new story content coming out (the current story is being significantly changed). 

Seeing previous recipes is an intended feature, it's slightly lower on the priority list right now but it'll definitely be in the full game.

Thanks for your interest!

- Dpodz

Can you give me a hint on solving Chef Don pt 1 ... I created cast iron and don't know what to do next

(1 edit)

Am I stupid? I have no Idea what Chef Don wants in chef don pt 2 and I really need help.

As the artist, I also had a bit of trouble >> with this one. Chef wants a sort of [spoiler]. Some will fit his idea of "al dente" better and earn you more stars.


I love the update! It had elevated an already great game to another level. I can't wait to play even more.

Hey there! Love the art style and game-play. I see a lot of potential in the game. Definitely hit me up if you all are planning on developing the game further and need sound design. I already had a lot of ideas while playing through it.

Hi silky! Really glad you're enjoying the game so far. We're not actively looking for a sound designer at the moment, but I appreciate the offer and I think it's good you're putting yourself out there.


Does anyone have a hint for the flower? I have the vine, grape, plant, dirt, sand, glass, tree, bottle, empty bottle, terrarium etc..

(1 edit)

Hi Sara!

To make a flower you'll need a "planter" and something to make the flower sprout (right now that means... water). We're presently working on revamping a lot of the combinations and adding more paths to lots of items. If you're working on the "a beautiful sight, but watch out for my bite" riddle, the 3 star answers aren't actually possible to reach because of a bug in the code. We should have an update out this evening to fix a lot of issues, so look forward to it :)

Also, than you for the rest of your comments! I'm really glad you're enjoying our game so far, and we'll definitely use your feedback to help us improve the game.

This game has consumed most of my day, playing around with other combinations. Thank you for all your help!

Unfortunately I'm still stuck at terrarium and plant is the closest thing. Is there another small hint? Thank you for all your help, I'm very determined to get through the story. 

I'm also totally stuck trying to make a flower without water...How you make water with just stone, fire, air, and wood?

(1 edit)

Hey kakedynasty, I'm not sure if this is an oversight on our part but you might be able to use air to help your plants grow (we're actually probably gonna take this combination out in the next cause it's a little unintuitive, but we'll be adding in many more alternatives). Other than that, think of how you might break down those base elements into soil to grow your plants in :) 

If you downloaded the app before last night, you can download the latest version and update, and it'll keep all your progress!

Every time I use air to help the plant grow it just goes to a tree, and then also the vine and grape. I have the dirt but I'm still not getting anywhere.  I've tried so many times.

The only use I've found for the cauldron is to make a brewery.

Very interesting game! I did find some bugs but other people have already pointed them out. I really liked the game and the story, maybe some background music to create more of an atmosphere? :D

Over all a very enjoyable game, keep put the good work :)

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)

Thanks for bringing GDWC to our attention! We'd love to submit our game once we polish it up, especially in the sound and content department.

That's great! :D The competition is open until September so there is still time to submit :)

Would be good if you could put up on the screen what the player is supposed to make, because if you don't read the story you just can't know what you have to make. And for some reason parts of the characters on screen are going through the menu when its open

Hi Lenan, thanks for the feedback! These two things are on the shortlist of fixes we'll being doing in the next week :)

Another nice feature would be to see, in the book, what elements and the varieties are used to craft that particular item. I don't know if that would make it too easy, but I've run out of room to write combinations down.

(1 edit)

Hi Sara,

We're planning on adding a feature so you can see the different ways you've made a given item so far in the game. So if you've already figured out that Charcoal = Fire + Wood, you'll be able to look up charcoal in the book and see that (but you won't see other possibilities for making charcoal). Does that make sense to you?


Yes, that's exactly how I was trying to word it. I'm looking forward to it. Thank you!

For some reason I can't drag the finished product to the person

Sometimes you have to drag a wrong product, press present, then drag the correct one. 

Hope it works!

Hi Fuzzy penguin! Are you trying to drag from the "history bar" above the combining area? If so, make sure you hold on an element long enough for it to pop out of the bar :)

We'll be working on making controls and gameplay mechanics a lot more crisp and clean as we further develop the game, so be sure to drop a follow or add this to your collection if you like the concept and want to play it when it's more fully developed