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i broke the game with my spell i made and I'm still crying


this is the most fun ive had playing an itch game in a while


how do you make magic wand? it's like the last thing i need 

Magic Wand = Etheryllis + Stick

What is the strongest weapon?


tempered sword?

Its more of an opinion

oh. okay.

personally I really like the javelin, it does pretty good damage, just combine that with something like rust for poison damage and air to keep enemies away and it's a really good build

Damn, I broke the game with my custom weapon.

me too.

I'm working on a google doc with all recipes

Feel free to comment any recipes I don't have, I will add them.

no one can use link unless they are given access and you can do that

Anyone with the link can access it

Deleted 16 days ago





This game is super fun and great, though on the web version the music starts repeating if you go to another tab.

where i can buy the apk of your game?

Android is free, you can download on Google play! 

Can you add exportable saves?

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i broke the game like 100,000,000 times.

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i speedrunned the game AND broke it though.

This is such a great game! I live the creativity of the crafting mechanics, and the art is amazing!

Cannot play, WebGL errors right after the game loads


Could I get some more info?

- What device are you using (laptop, Chromebook, etc) 

- What browser are you using

- Is your browser updated to the most recent version?

Laptop (Windows 10)

Chrome 95.0.4638.54 (Official Build) (64-bit)



DevTools Console Error Log:

Invoking error handler due to

abort(83) at Error

    at jsStackTrace (

    at stackTrace (

    at abort (




    at Object.dynCall_iii (

    at invoke_iii (











    at Object.dynCall_iiiii (

    at invoke_iiiii (















    at Object.dynCall_v (

    at browserIterationFunc (

    at Object.runIter (

    at Browser_mainLoop_runner (

Chrome (64 bit)
Yes, it's updated.

Sign out of your Chromebook, and then log back in

Can anyone else confirm if this works? 

it isn't a chromebook

I have a problem I play the game for a while then it crashes and I have to reload the page and it resets all my progress.

when I try to download the game it says that nothing is available for download

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You have to pay for the app cause the app has all paid content

Hope this helps!

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I forgot to congrats you on publishing it on mobile ik its extremely late but congrats i still play this game till this day

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How do you make paper?

Edit: Nevermind

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Hi there, please post any Custom Items as a link through Pastebin or share it in our Discord! I'll be deleting this message in 24 hours to avoid walls of symbols in our comments section.

i am sorry

Is there actually a Linux version? I just downloaded the zips and they only had a windows executable and no README.

Oh really, is that so? Let me check that out for you later today. Sorry about that! 

Okay sorry about that! I forgot to upload the Mac and Linux builds. I'll get that uploaded in a few hours after I get back from work. Sorry for the troubles.


Hey there, just FYI the Linux build had some problems that I'm debugging. I'll have the build up ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you so much for your support <3

Okay, sorry for the delays! Linux version is available now. Let me know if you have any troubles.


Great, sorry for the late reply, but I greatly appreciated your quick response, thank you!


beat it in 2 mins with a custom weapon

Excelente trabajo


sometimes the game crashes

Hi, I’m the developer of Mitch, a mobile app/client for Have you considered uploading an Android .apk to itch?

I don’t want to rely on Google Play and I’d rather buy your game through this site.

It wouldn't die so I kept giving it debuffs

I think this is a bug but with melee weapons when they have effects, if they come out at the tip it won't go very far. Is this a bug? It makes sense if it's not but it made making the bb gun quite hard. Thanks, wait this isn't an email why am I being so formal?

Dear Hisc0re,

Thank you for your report. I will look into this and find out what's going on. One possibility I see is that the projectile coming out is colliding with the melee weapon on spawn, so you might have to increase the "initial spawn distance" on the weapon effect.

Kind regards,

Pure Jam Games

I think that might be it, increasing the spawn distance might fix it. Thanks for telling me :3

for now 2 seems to be the magic number to make it go at full speed

This is such a kool and cute game! But I feel like the mobile version of the game should have a joystick option to shoot, instead of tapping anywhere to shoot

Good idea! We'll consider adding that as an option.

i beat the game, and all i needed to do was make an overpowered shattering concrete spear


oh yeah how do you craft vines?

i forgot


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Made some toy fusions:

Yay toys :D

how do I craft it? I tried opening and checking but I can't edit it

There might be a bug with this export, I have a few fixes coming that should fix this problem! Sorry for the troubles.

What's your problem? Were you able to get the item, and if so, do you know the recipe?

If not, I might add the recipes of all items to the pastebin links, for convenience.

(2 edits)

Also, I found out the first two pastes seem to have been taken down? (Deemed Potentially Harmful??)

So I guess I'll make new links, and maybe change the title a bit, maybe they violated TOS

Everything should be fixed now, sorry about that.


I'm not sure what happened but I swapped the order and it made it. thanks for letting me know by the way :)

I thought that was a reply to I different comment I posted I'm sorry

There is a bug where I keep having to redo the game every time I die. Is this a bug? If not it's really hard or I'm just awful at this game. I keep having to restart. Also how do you make your own weapons?

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Rogue-like is a genre where every time you die, you start from the beginning. (normally with the same equipment too)

Also, to make your own weapons, go to the cog, and press "help" or watch the tutorial on how to craft, you should get it pretty easily.

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I made an obsidian sword! (Could do with better art)

Edit: I made a bat too!

And now a Flamethrower has been made! (This legit feels like it should be in the game)

I have also now made a Throwing Knife:

New comment has been made now because the size of this comment would be too big otherwise

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I made a new design for the flamethrower

I hope you like it :)

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I would love to, but apparently, it seems the post is private, can you maybe fix this?

hmm, i already set it to public though

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There's another possibility, that the post is currently "under moderation" (I assume that might mean being edited or something?)

However I don't know how that would get fixed.

Edit: nvm it works fine now, that was odd.

Now I've seen it, it's pretty cool, if a little overdone.

Overall rating about 8-9/10 (and how much i wish you could just draw a sprite for art, instead of using others)

yeah, how did the railgun get its own design, pretty sure it was a made item

also glad you liked it


how do i move on laptop


This game is shoot-to-move, your device doesn't matter

ah i dont really like shoot to move 

Well maybe this game isn't for you then. oof

If you like rogue-likes but not shoot-to-move then maybe you'd like games like the binding of isaac, one of those playable on browser is "Dead Estate: Classic"

I'm trying to make tea heeeelplppppp

In case you still haven't figured it out, try putting the flower in the first crafting slot (left) and the flower in the second (right)


Hi, sorry about that! I've fixed the recipe so hot water + flower will work in the coming update. Should be out tomorrow or Thursday!

idk why but it kinda crashes everytime i finish level 2 (or 1 if you skip the tutorial)

I broke the game again...


I used to break it all the time, don't worry!

I was testing my creation in the test thing and I broke it??


I exited fullscreen and it's still fullscreen as well



Deleted 121 days ago
Deleted 121 days ago

op that you can make you own wepons

Well they are working on implementing a “power level”, which should prevent massively overpowered weapons. For now, however, you can beat the game in less than 1 minute by making a super OP weapon and making it really easy to craft.

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