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Am I the only one who can just not get the word "you" out!?

got past it but now your is food tasty

pov: ur a genderfluid bisexual and u come across the character creator in the beginning XDDDDDD




This was such a cute game!!! Shame it ended quickly but it was really fun!



Thanks to this game, I now have an actual IRL girlfriend!

My nieces watched you play and they thought you were so hilarious and silly! Thanks for playing our game, I think we'll need to add some more responses and scenarios :)

Awe I'm glad they liked it! It was my pleasure! ;{D


that vomit your words out mechanic is insane. so creative, well executed and fun. 

you like i

I like this game


I HATE LIKE!!! - me

I'm on mac, it doesn't load for me!!!!???? is this supposed to be a windows only or what

Idk why but it doesn't load. Can someone help me?

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I'm so sorry to spill this spoiler


 as for the second level just say tasty and leave the others and click the *click to speak your mind* on the top right if you want to finish this game this is what I did! reply to me if it was successful for you.

It works

I cant stop saying YOUR IS!!! on the second level.

I HATE YOU!! -me

GROSS!! - me

sua comida comida comida bruto kkkk melhor frase do ano kk

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I managed "Your[sic] tasty!" And Senpai thought it was sweet, but it was still a loss.

I fired, and I hit something, but it wasn't the thing I was aiming for, so I guess I missed.



this would be better if it would be downloadable


I cant say anything other than your tasty lol


i accidentaly said you hate i-

me too-


very cute, kinda hard for me tho, haha


I can't speak to anyone at my school.


good game cute game i am going to disintegrate


Why is this like 5x better and more fun to play than literally all the other games on this site? <33


I by accidentally said ''tasty'' and it worked!! That was such a cute thing!! This game was adorable!! 10/10 <3


Somethings wrong with me - I managed to do "I HATE you!!!" on my first try.



Wow! Cute! I love this concept.

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It was so cute! But honestly the time limit and the negative words in there made me stressed but its okay that's what make games fun! if there was no challenge it'd probably be boring :P

Nonetheless that was really fun and its such an interesting concept


Haha, the original game jam theme was "Out of Control" so time pressure was an element we wanted to have! I'd definitely add an unlimited time option if we work on it some more.

That fits so well actually-

The time limit was a really good choice! Keep up the great work :D

I loved this it was so cute😊

Great game with the fun concept! Keep it up


This game was awesome and I had a lot of fun playing it. Looking forward to your future games and playing everything that ha

s come before.

Thanks so much for playing! Loved your video :D


Thanks for watching! I loved this game and will definitely be playing more of your game


It said it 



I actually had fun with this lmao I loved it,, I even made a gameplay of it if you wanna check it out

yeah ,

i make a bitsy game named burger city at night

this game is good and polished


cmon, your tasty is an obvious flirt


cute ass game



lol i said "food tasty" and it worked

this game is amazing, I would totally play a whole game of this if there were more mechanics

I really want to keep working with the idea! We started work on something like this with several mechanics, but didn't have time to continue with it. I have no doubt that we'll continue the concept in some capacity in the future.



Thank you <3 I really want to take the concept further at some point! 

OH, I would love to see what's the future of this game someday <3

i can not get the damn food out

i give up

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