Tell Senpai how you really feel!

A visual novel made in 48 hours for GMTK Game Jam 2020! 

GMTK Game Jame 2020 Placement Results (out of 5415 games):
#8th for Presentation
#13th for Originality
#63rd Overall


💡 Press "Speak your Mind" to end the gameplay scene early!
💡 You can pull either up or down on the stomach to launch words up.


👾 Dpodz - Programmer, Game Designer, Sound Design

🖍️ Kotocca (Twitter)- Artist, Character Designer, UI/UX


🎸 FulminisIctus - Menu theme (Relax), various sound effects

🎵 Richar - The rest of the music (Town 2, Dungeon 2)


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Development log


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First thing I said was nothing. Than I You. Than I like you hate. Than I hate, and so on. Why can't I just tell a girl I like herrrrrrr???


Edit 2: Nooooo your bento isn't grosssss


Never thought I'd like a game that channels my inner teenage Yoda...  "You, I like; tasty your food is!"

I could see this applying to further steps in the relationship (meeting the in-laws, making the vows, seeing your newly adopted child, etc.)


Love the stomach mechanic even though it was really hard (I'm just not good at games lol)! I appreciate the gender sliders but I would've appreciated it as a graph or color spectrum instead! 

Overall a fantastically cute little game, loved the sounds and the drawing and the writing and that I got infinite chances!!


i think a gender spectrum would be difficult to implement


Really cute and original! I love the imagery of having actual words in your stomach that just won't come out right!! I would love to see more of it if you ever decide to add on to it, but it stands alone great now too! I'm impressed you made it in 48 hours!!

this game is really cute!!! it was sort of a challenge but it was really funny about some of the outcomes of messing up!! I wish there were more combinations of words you could do like "your tasty" and the other person has a confused reaction? But super cool and cute game!!


Reaaally nice! I love the art style and audio! I only didn't get the controls at first because it showed to pull down but that almost doesn't work, you need to pull up


The game is interesting, I also really like the drawing of the stomach. I just wish that you could speed up the process of going to dialogue instead of waiting for however time you got left when you have completed your words.

Thanks! You can hit "speak your mind" to end the stomach scene early. 

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This is EXACTLY how we feel whenever we talk... at all. 
But especially in front of senpai!

We played it in our channel, check it out if y'all want!

Omg this is so cute! Thanks for playing our game :)


It was a delight! Thanks for making it <3


I really liked this! I think the idea for the gender sliders is really cool, too!


This is honestly really good. Presentation is amazing and the option to choose your gender is a nice touch.

I really enjoyed it!


i love the idea!!!


Really cool game you've got here. Great job!


What a cute and wonderful game!!! I am also terrible at it! (as in real life lmao) Really fun to see the words come out right (and wrong, mostly wrong) aesthetics are *mwa* chef's kiss

(1 edit)

Thank you! We had a blast iterating on ways to make a visual novel that's out of control but still fun

wish there was a reset button, i keep messing up and having to wait out the timer or refresh the page


You can actually hit the "speak your mind" button to end the gameplay early. I'll definitely have to add an indicator to explain that haha

- Dpodz


I loved the cute aesthetic juxtaposed with the stomach thing and the creepy music. It was gross in the most perfect way, really captures that nervous feeling.

(2 edits)

Wow, that pretty much wraps up the feeling we were going for. Glad it came through so clearly!


Amazing art direction! The UI and character designs look well thought out and are very aesthetically pleasing. The stomach especially looks incredible, both the painted look as well as the way it interacts with the hand and the hearts. Nice touch adding casted shadows to the hearts when they reach the light (:


Yeah, Kotocca is one heck of an artist! Thanks for your comment :)


Really cute graphics and a pretty great idea, but I couldn't get even a single word out no matter how hard I tried. (maybe I'm just bad at it?)

(1 edit)

Haha I (the game's artist) had a lot of trouble with it, too! It's basically all about finding a rhythm for pulling and pushing the stomach. (We just added some tips in the description!)


liked it really I

You thank!!


Really, really nice game. It's short, yes, but the concept has a lot of promise. The game's polish, inclusivity, writing and aesthetic were also high points.

(1 edit)

Thank you! We would've loved to write more story, but I'm glad you think the concept comes across :)
Time to go check out your submission.

- Dpodz