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HI there, would you like me to translate your game into Esperanto for free? I'm just looking to help the Esperanto community out by getting some more games into the language.

cute game


This message is for everyone who has asked a question about how to make something.

Before asking for the solution of any recipe, PLEASE CHECK IF SOMEONE ELSE HAS ALREADY ANSWERED THAT QUESTION! There are thousands of people asking for the same thing! :(

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Are they not working on this anymore??

How to make mana potions


"If you're silly enough to forget my wisdom, you can always tap on the Options Menu in the top right corner"

*points to button in the top left corner*

silly xyomi

it is on their right 


How do i make the mana potion? Help anyone?


You have to make a flower, mix it with plasma and then the cauldron.




hellO, im pretty new to this game and its pretty cool. saDly doe- idk wuts the recipe for flower. do u guys know the recipe?


Love it! Reminds me of little alchemy!

omg fr! I thought I was the only one 


how do i make reed, earth god statue, electric god statue, and nature god statue?

i think everyone's stuck on this

Nobody knows, except the developers :(


I have a feeling it has something to do with water lily, flower, plant, vine, stick, sand, and dirt because reeds grow in watery areas and are usually seen with water lily's

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That's makes sense, but I can't find the recipe... We'll have to mix the flower with all the other things in the compendium!!! :C


it may have something to do with sickle or scythe idk

im stuck on the part where im supposed to make something for the kid to climb with, any help would be appreciated


(spoiler i guess)

vine or wire


plant=clay and dirt


What is the answer to Chapter one; one?? I LEGIT CANT FIGURE IT OUT-

The kiddo?


vine or wire


plant=clay and dirt


OH OKAY!!! TY!!!<33

so uh does anyone know how to make a bottle

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Well... In the previous comment there's a link to a Google Document with all recipes, but INSTEAD OF LOOKING FOR THE SOLUTION THERE, try to think about how people make glass in real life :)

oh thanks


Stone + Wind =
Sand + Fire =
Glass + Fire =
Bottle! <3


soooo i became obsessed with this game for like 3 days straight and managed to find the majority of recipes??

in order to feel like this time has not gone to waste, i've decided to compile all the recipes into a document, which can be found here:

enjoy <3 <3


there are still a few recipes that i'm super stuck on tho, so.... if anyone finds one of the unknown recipes in the list pls let me know! i'll add it to the doc

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Fire = electricity + charcoal

Frying pan = forge + cast iron

PS: I would never discover the drawings!

PS (2): How do you know what are the items you didn't discover?

PS (3): In the background image, there is something strange between bow and kite... What could it be?

PS (4): Have you noticed that there are ten different types of potions, each one with a different colour, and ten different types of dyes?


oooh, thanks for the frying pan recipe! i was stuck on it for so long omg. i've added it to the doc :~)

if u double click on the blank squares in the compendium, u can find the name + picture of the missing recipe! that's how i knew the drawings existed hehe.

thank u for the observation about the potions!!!!! i realised there are also 10 types of flowers, so i combined the flowers with mortar & pestle and i managed to get most of the dyes (that's what the shape between the bow and kite is, btw)! i also managed to get most of the flags using the dye, so i've updated the doc accordingly <3

if only i could find the recipe for reed, then i could discover a few more potions and dyes too......


Oooh... I supose I didn't click on the blank squares because there isn't a shadow.

I'm glad I helped you... and you helped me! That's why my name is Alguien Contento (Someone Happy in Spanish), because I try to help and everyone is happy.

me, an intellectual who knows and has been using that for past playthroughs:    o       k


I've also found these alternative recipes:

Iron = Fire + Magnet

Magnet = Iron + Plasma

Sand = Stone + Glass

Obsidian Spear = Stick + Obsidian

Storm = Water + Fire Storm

Thunder Storm = Plasma + Storm


amazing i added them to the doc!!!

Fire = Charcoal + Lightning

Cauldron = Clay Pot + Cast Iron

Deleted 172 days ago

i got it dw

can u make it into a zip ;w;

super in depth for a game that's free!! i enjoyed the art style as well as the style of text used. a very "thinky" game which kept me engaged. i found the music to be too distracting, i had to turn it down (i like that there's an option to turn music/sfx down), though i enjoyed the sfx. it felt satisfying creating new items in the game! i would maybe recommend adding an option to be reminded of the riddles. also, the option to delete crafted items if you don't need them in your inventory would be good (when my inventory bar was full, i was unable to scroll through to see all crafted items). will definitely be downloading this game so i can revisit as i can imagine it'll take me a while to figure out all the riddles! side note: kraft is a cute kitty :3 10/10 would recommend this game

how do you make a shovel

Shovel = wood + dirt

Dirt = wood + stone

There is a bug in the tutorial section part two, It asks me to make a torch and present it, I do...several times over, and it does not acknowledge that I have done it. It just keeps asking again.

This game is so fun to me. I know it's a long shot but an update to this game would be amazing. This is one of the best games like this because its not just merge this and this to create this. There's more to it and I love it.

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Here you have the answers to all riddles:

Starter Pack: 1) ashes, 2) lightbulb, 3) smoke, 4) torch.

Rough Stuff: 1) shovel, 2) bottle, 3) dirt, 4) cactus.

Hot and Cold: 1) bowl and spoon, 2) fishing rod, 3) fire sword, 4) cherry blossom.

Wave Away: 1) flag, 2) forge, 3) vine, 4) message in bottle.

Ingenuity: 1) ice, 2) glass, 3) bottle of firewater, 4) bow.

Thanks to all the people that helped to complete this!

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Ingenuity 4) Best try: electricity (starting element)


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Rough Stuff 3) the answer is dirt

Ingenuity 4) Bow

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Thank you very much! :D

For a more arms, it's the forge!


Now, you are the official discoverer of the More Arms answer.

Can someone explain to me where the arms are?

The reason why it is a forge is because "arms" could be taken as weapons, which are crafted using the forge. Hope this helps explain!

Ooooooooooooh, now it makes sense. Thanks! :D

Does anyone know how to make a cactus for Rough Stuff: 4th riddle?

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It's flower + any weapon (for example, spear = stone + stick). You have all recipes we already discovered here.

Thank you!

You're welcome! :)

How I can make the flowers?

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water/air + stone = sand

water + sand = clay

wood + stone = dirt

clay + dirt = planter

planter + water = flower

Thank you for the hint

You're welcome :)


I don't understand how to make a flower at all and the riddles are obscure

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water/air + stone = sand

water + sand = clay

wood + stone = dirt

clay + dirt = planter

planter + water = flower


when will chapter 2 come out??? im eager to see the new chapter.


How do I make electricity?

I also need to know!

I do not know what the "I can wave but have no arms" is. I have tried a torch, water, fire, even a flower, a tree a plant. the closest I have gotten is a stick. I dont know anymore lol


It's a flag = paper + stick!

thank you!

thank you!

how do you do corked and crooked?

i'm stumped

It's bottled firewater = bottle with fire and water inside.


how can i make a bottle with only stone, electricity, air, watter, and a log please help and i love the game. ps i am stuck on hard to the touch


spoiler for anyone else:

a bottle is made with air and glass.

glass is made with sand and fire.

sand is made with water and stone.

hope that halps

how do i make glass with no fire i only have stone, water, log, air,and electricity.  help 

fire can be made with wood and lightning.

lightning is made with air and electricity.

hope THAT helps.

thx that helped alot

add rock and water to make sand, and then you add fire to the sand, and add air to the glass.


how am i supposed to make a flower.

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water/air + stone = sand

water + sand = clay

wood + stone = dirt

clay + dirt = planter

planter + water = flower

How do I make a fishing rod for 'Take Me to Dinner'?

take me to dinner isnt a fishing rod.

try combining some logs with something!


I love this game! I do wish it would get an update, the story mode has been mostly "coming soon" for a long time now, and I'd love a sandbox to experiment without customers and discover recipes. But the look of the game is great, and it really is just an adorable idea! Some of the riddles could be more clear as well, though... 

(Speaking of which, can anyone give me a hint on how to make a wire without starting with electricity? I'm stuck on Toss Me Into The Sea)


Can anyone help me with 'Take Me to Dinner' and 'Plunge into the Sea'?

I have a feeling that 'Take Me to Dinner' is a candle and that 'Plunge into the Sea' is a harpoon but ion know how to make them :(

its not a harpoon, u only get two stars for it

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Well shoot, what is it? (I'd still like to know how to make a harpoon)

Edit: Nvm, found out how to make a harpoon AND the solution... Now I just need 'Take Me to Dinner'

what is the actual solution?


Its a fishing rod


Take Me To Dinner is a little clearer than a candle. Try combining some clay with something ;3

What is Take Me to Dinner?

a bowl and spoon. figure out how to craft it.


ahh really nice game!! (o゜▽゜)o☆


I would LOVE this as a mobile game on the playstore it's just perfect for it


how to i complete a beautiful sight

It's a cactus = flower + any weapon (for example, spear = stone + stick)


how do you make flowers???

I need to know as well! I'm completely stumped :(

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Nvm I got it! 

Air + Stone or Water + Stone= Sand

Sand + Water = Clay

Wood + Stone = Dirt

Clay + Dirt = Planter

Planter + Water = Flower

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how do i make magic wand??? help pls

Magic Wand = Etheryllis + Stick

Stick = Log + Air

Etheryllis = Flower + Plasma
Flower = Planter + Water
Planter = Dirt + Clay
Dirt = Log + Rock
Clay = Sand + Water
Sand = Water + Rock

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