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The cat went in jail


Haha, what a cute art style, I like the collage effect. So many cases between these two!
I thought the kitty was a bunny at first and the doggo a wolf but cute either way

im just like saul goodman but bald and not a lwayer


As a humss student, this is perfect for my training thank you im definitely graduating law school boys


entering my SAUL GOODMAN or PHEONIX WRIGHT path 

(1 edit) (-1)

less go, best lawyer


I (love) ANAL

i think the ending for one of each is that the judge puts himself in jail just because why not

I expected all three to go to jail together x)

man this this music is pretty mellow.


I AM JUST LIKE SAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

so true

The game is really charming!

Good job! I really like it

I got all three endings, but accidently reloaded the page ;-;

Nice Game Man

the art is so cute and goofy omg. i loved the intro sequence. and the mix of 3D and 2D is really nice!! i love the concept. when at first i was going for "dog is bad" it really seemed like dog was bad… but when i did "cat is bad" it really felt like the cat was just falsely accusing this innocent dog! lol. "lawyer is bad" was the best. the lawyer just sweating like "hey… wasn't that me…?" and the dog going "uhh yeah ig it was"? GOLD.

here is my playthrough of it (note: turn your volume down really low. my microphone glitched and its REALLY loud. I couldn't fix it for the video)

such a cute game with a cool balance of 3d and 2d design

LMAOOO the teeth scene at the start was so funny idk why - love this a lot!!

I am the best lawyer

It's been 2 months since my last post, I read under my post that there would be a fix issued in a few days. It's still unplayable and I keep getting the "Unable to parse Build/IANAL.framework.js.gz!" error. I'm on windows 10.

Deleted post

nice game



so cute!! would love an in-depth crime mystery game in this style.


I think I broke it...


same thing happened to me

Interesting little game, really love the idea behind it. So much could be done with it

Keep up the great work!!


Very Cute Little Game, I really liked the artstyle and would love a longer game with more choices.

Very creative, and cute game! I am having too much fun.


I would love to play it but I'm getting the "Unable to parse Build/IANAL.framework.js.gz!" error. I'm on windows 10.


I would gladly make a video of my play through whenever I'm able to play it.


I wonder when will it be available to mobile? Is there a chance?

We're gonna do a maintenance update this weekend. Sorry you couldn't play!

Ok, so I looked at the archive. I can extract it, but the extracted file is named the same. I tried to extract the extracted file, but 7zip could’t recognize it…

I renamed the extracted file to *.js and it read fine by an editor, so I Gziped it using 7zip and I’m back at square 1…

I tried Gziping it using Gzip on Ubuntu, same result…

This is an issue with build compression on Unity for webgl! We're going to release a build in the next few days that should fix the simple issues like these. Sorry about that!

эт прикрасна

game looks fun but alas I will never be able to play :(

Why's that?

There is an error every time I load up the game

The game doesn't work on phone browsers if you're using your phone. If not, could you tell me what device you're using?

I am using a macbook

Okay, thanks for letting me know. I'll look into it, hopefully we can easily fix these issues so everyone can play :D

i did the human route and i went to jail lol is there more than 3 endings?!

how can i download the game?

i think i got all the endings?

Hi creator, I chose the dog ate the lawyer in all cases, the game did not proceed, it was just stuck for a long time... no ending. what did i do wrong?!

probably a glitch (am not the creator)

My friends and family enjoyed this! <3

the not lawer ending didnt work for me also i think the diologue should change based on what you input into the game

overall its great I think that a talking sound would be a good edition otherwise this is amazing and I love the animation for when they are talking 

That dog was so guilty. Simple concept that is a lot of fun. Great work! 

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